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Food Pantry Committee / Barrels


Chair contact

Maya Lazaro

ABC's Food Pantry Committee organizes food drives for local pantries and non-profit organizations that work to reduce food insecurity. Pantries and organizations ABC has worked with include Bethesda Lutheran Church, the Cascade MS Pantry, the Willamette HS Pantry, and Food For Lane County. ABC is currently running a holiday food drive for Bethesda Lutheran Church.

Committee members engage in volunteer activities such as: 

-Arranging donation sites where ABC can place its donation barrels

-Dropping off barrels at donation sites and picking them up when a food drive is complete

-Collecting donations from barrels every 1-2 weeks during an active food drive

-Weighing and tracking donations made at each site

-Delivering food donations to participating food pantries every 1-2 weeks

-Planning future food drives

-Producing communications materials to promote food drives

Committee members who want to drop off or pick up donation barrels must have access to a truck or other large vehicle. 

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