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Active Bethel Citizens Executive Board Meeting – April 15, 2020

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Ethan Clevenger, Janice Kerber, Suzanne

O’Shea, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Heather Quaas-Annsa, Jenelle Boyd, Bonnie Stone, Ed Farren

Absent:, Douglas Barr, Pennie Moblo

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Ethan.

  1. Motion to approve the agenda made by Heather, seconded by Suzanne and passed.

Open Floor Comments:

  1. Introduction of Tai’s baby boy, Ben. Congratulations Tai!

Old Business:

  1. Motion to approve March board minutes make by Lin, seconded by Suzanne and approved.

  2. Discussion of newsletter/postcard publications dates (Lin)

  3. In light of the cancellation of our June event, We Are Bethel, Lin suggested a June 27 ZOOM general meeting. Assuming this date the newsletter deadlines should be:

  4. Ideas/stories to Ethan or Amy on June 1,

  5. Submission to board for approval on June 8,

  6. To printers on June 15,

  7. Mailing drop on June 19.

  8. Also, UPCOMING Meeting signs need to go out on June 19 and flipped to TODAY on June 27.

  9. The suggestion was made to have some other online activity instead, possibly a Bethel Scavenger Hunt requiring neighbors to visit/patronize area businesses. This idea was referred to Simon Kemp and anyone else interested in helping flesh out this possibility.

  10. Suggested 2020-21 general meeting dates are September 19 (elections), January 23, April 24 and June 5 (We Are Bethel). These dates are all Saturdays.

  11. Bylaw Article VIII – Executive Board (Janice)

  12. Motion was made to approved Article VIII as recommended by Janice and leaving out Section 10 by Suzanne, seconded by Heather and passed.

  13. Revised Public Forum speeches (Lin)

  14. These speeches are to be read at City Council open forum meetings. Speeches that are approved by neighborhood boards carry more weight.

  15. Motion to approve the 3 speeches as revised made by Janice, seconded by Tai and approved.

  16. Reevaluation of ENI membership and tax status (Ethan)

  17. Ethan send out an email explaining the issues that he found when trying to get the ENI to pay for the webhosting that he has been paying for himself. The process was complex and possibly not even possible which caused him to wonder about the usefulness of ENI membership.

  18. Lin will talk to other neighborhood representatives to see how they are using the ENI.

  19. Heather asked to see the sponsorship agreement with ENI.

  20. Reevaluation of 501(c)(3) status was referred to a new governance committee under Bylaws Committee. Members to include Ed, Heather, Jenelle and Janice.

  21. We will revisit this issue at the next meeting.

New Business:

  1. Discussion of General Meeting on April 25 “Building a Better Bethel” (Lin)

  2. Elected officials will each have three minutes to talk about how they would want to improve Bethel.

  3. Assignment of tasks:

  4. Hosting/Muting & Unmuting callers (Lin).

  5. Writing down names for attendance. This should be a function of ZOOM however phone in callers will not be counted (Suzanne).

  6. Writing down ideas that are generated and categorize them. Heather has a white board and will do this during the meeting. Janice and Ed will make sure all ideas are captured for the minutes.

  7. Monitoring the CHAT queue for callers (Lin)

  8. Reading emailed comments (Ethan)

  9. Cindy has approved a Spanish translator.

Committee Reports:

  1. Finance (Suzanne)

  2. Suzanne Emailed the Treasurers Report prior to the meeting.

  3. Motion made to authorize Suzanne to file the state and federal reports and pay any related expenditures by Janice, seconded by Lin and approved. Should be $100-150.

  4. Events (Lin)

  5. ZOOM General Meeting

  6. Elected officials who are confirmed are Senator Manning, Representative Fahey, Councilors Evans, Syrett and Pryor, Commissioners Farr, Mayor Vinis and Anne Fifield, who is presenting Redeveloping Bethel to the City Council on April 22.

  7. Also see Discussion of General Meeting on April 25 under New Business.

  8. Scheduling a 4th ZOOM general meeting on June 27 and possible ABC Scavenger Hunt. See discussion of newsletter/postcard dates under Old Business.

  9. We Are Bethel, June 6, 2020 has been canceled. It may be possible to reschedule for August.

  10. Public Safety (Lin)

  11. Meetings are continuing on ZOOM.

  12. April 6 meeting with Ryan Skiles, Supervisor for City’s Crime Analysis Team was recorded and will be shared.

  13. May 11 meeting will be with Jeff Blonde’, EPD Bikes & Theft.

  14. June 1 meeting will be with Lindy Smith, EPD Volunteering.

  15. Beautification – no report

  16. Food Pantry (Janice)

  17. Both pantries are operating as drive thru pantries distributing boxes of food stuffs. WHS is only for their students; Janice will check to see if KHS pantry is open to the general public.

  18. Business relations – no report

  19. Communications (Ethan)

  20. Postcard was mailed announcing the ZOOM General Meeting. Thank you Lin. Another email announcement will be sent.

  21. Community resources are posted on Website and included in email newsletter. Also, an explanation of the homeless shelter-in-place set up at Petersen Barn was sent as an email announcement.

  22. See discussion of newsletter/postcard dates under Old Business.

  23. Civic Engagement (Lin)

  24. Meetings on first Wednesday of each month are now being held on ZOOM.

  25. City Council public forum meetings are on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Speeches that have been approved have been presented by Lin, Ed and Travis. These meetings are recorded and may be accessed on the city’s website.

  26. Recycling – postponed until after social distancing order lifted.

  27. Bylaws – see Old Business above.

8:27 meeting adjourned.

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