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Active Bethel Citizens Executive Board Meeting – August 19, 2020

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Suzanne O’Shea, Janice Kerber, Ed Farren, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Heather Quaas-Annsa, Bonnie Stone

Absent: Ethan Clevenger, Douglas Barr, Pennie Moblo, Jenelle Boyd

Guests: Kathleen Boggie

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Lin.

  1. Motion to approve agenda made by Tai, seconded by Ed and approved.

Open Floor Comments:

  1. Kathleen Boggie reported on what she found out about getting speed bumps on Candlelight Dr. The city needs a traffic study, that must be approved by ABC board, before considering speed bumps. Heather moved that we write a letter to request a traffic study of Candlelight Dr. and Danebo, seconded by Tai and approved. Kathleen will send the information to Heather and Heather will write a letter. Janice will update the letterhead and sent it to Heather.

Old Business:

  1. Motion made to approve July Executive Board meeting minutes by Suzanne and seconded by Heather. Motion passed.

  2. Toolbox project. Suzanne will check to see if there is any competition with local businesses.

  3. Bethel Business Alliance (BBA) update (Lin)

  4. Lin entered approximately 300 email addresses that were gathered during the BBA Scavenger Hunt. We now have 548 email addresses.

  5. The next event will be a Friends of Trees planting event along Hwy 99. Businesses will be asked to commit to watering the trees and the cost (around $35) will be covered by a HRNI matching grant (assuming it is funded).

New Business:

  1. Matching Grant Accepting Applications (Lin)

  2. BBA Friends of Trees event will be a good possibility.

  3. A graffiti clean-up event might also be a possibility. We should contact Holly Sombs and Bruce Haines

  4. Bring other possibilities to the next meeting.

  5. Slow Roll with Fiesta Cultural Event, Sept 13 (Lin)

  6. Starts and ends at Petersen Barn so we could have a table and provide information about ABC focusing on diversity. If we had matching grant ideas at that time, we could ask people to vote (with their pennies) for their favorite project. We discussed the possibility of handing out water and the COVID complications involved. Lin will check with Oliver to see if the Barn has any plans to do this.

  7. Recap and discussion of Building an Inclusive and Welcoming Community (Lin)

  8. Part One: Self-Education on Race (August 12)

  9. The homework (videos to watch before the meeting) were excellent and well received.

  10. Greg Evans comments were well received.

  11. Tai was glad to hear comments from participants that they had learned from the process.

  12. Part Two: Listening to People of Color from Bethel (August 26)

  13. Speakers include Councilor Greg Evans, Senator Manning to speak on types of things white people say that are hurtful.

  14. Kazim Zaidi, from City of Eugene HNRI, will have a presentation.

  15. Alexandra, with Huerta de la Familia, suggested that we contact Alex Reyna to facilitate.

  16. There are also equity training workshops that are available (check with the United Way).

  17. Elections coming up in September (Lin)

  18. The General Meeting date was changed to Wednesday, Sept 23 to allow for more time to prepare a newsletter.

  19. It was suggested that we poll our constituents to see what day is the best day to have a General Meeting – options to be Wednesday evening, Saturday morning or Saturday evening.

  20. Need to recruit a new secretary.

  21. Newsletter

  22. Information about the General Meeting and election of officers.

  23. Description of board member responsibilities (see bylaw Article VI Officers, sections 1-5).

  24. Articles about BBA activities, Bethel School Board (Heather will write), and the recycling event (Bonnie will write).

  25. Responsibilities of Board Members (Ed)

  26. A Guide to Nonprofit Board Service in Oregon, prepared by the Attorney General was emailed to all board members before the meeting. Ed highlighted the duty of care, including active participation and reasonable inquiry and duty of loyalty, including the need to avoid conflicts of interest.

  27. Heather has information on board member and committee responsibilities and verbiage for how take and document an email vote. She will send information to Janice – Janice will email to remind her.

Committee Reports:

  1. Finance (Suzanne did not email a Treasurer’s Report to board members as there was no activity)

  2. Events (Lin emailed the committee report prior to the meeting).

  3. See recap and discussion of Building an Inclusive and Welcoming Community under New Business.

  4. See discussion on Slow Roll with Fiesta Cultural Event, Sept 13 under New Business.

  5. We Are Bethel is scheduled for May 22, 2021.

  6. Public Safety (Lin emailed the committee report prior to the meeting).

  7. Meetings will begin again in September.

  8. Beautification – no committee report.

  9. Friends of Trees on Hwy 99 and a graffiti clean-up project were proposed as matching grant projects.

  10. Food Pantry – no committee report.

  11. Business Relations (Lin)

  12. Lin has a list of businesses that have expressed interest in joining the Bethel Business Alliance but more businesses need to be called.

  13. Ethan has a format for input into our website with a place for description of business, pictures, etc.

  14. Communications

  15. See Elections coming up in September under New Business for information about the general election and a list of possible articles to be included in the next newsletter.

  16. Civic Engagement Team (Lin emailed the committee report prior to the meeting)

  17. Meetings (on ZOOM) are ordinarily on the first Wednesday of each month.

  18. The next meeting, however, will be an in person “walk” to survey Hwy 99 for the Friends of Trees planting. Meet at the Gilbert shopping center parking lot at 10:00 with lunch planned at Thai Time Kitchen around noon.

  19. Work continues on Building a Better Bethel and the Bethel Business Alliance directory.


  1. Recycling (Bonnie)

  2. Next Plastic Recycling scheduled for August 22 at the west end of Bethesda Lutheran Church

  3. Bylaws – (Janice)

8:35 – motion to adjourn made by Ed

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