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Active Bethel Citizens Executive Board Meeting Minutes


October 20th, 2021, 7-8:30pm (PST) 

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Travis Johannes, Amie 

Anderson-Forbis , Ed Farren, Sarah Warren, Suzanne O’Shea, Ethan Clevenger, Charlie

Sterling, Jonathan Sterling, Ronin, Robin Bloomgarden, Tresa Hackford, Steve Dow, JJ,

Thomas Daly, Donella Cleveland, Jeremy and Ali Aasum, Alberta Cook, Zack Mulholland and

Vera Thompson

Absent: Ryan Josef-Maier

Guest Speaker: Senator Manning, Logan Telles, Margaret Mazzotta, Ryan Skiles

7:07: Meeting was called to order by: Lin

– Went over agenda for the meeting: Jessen Ponds, Emergency preparation,

accomplishments, Recycling events on hold until we get a master recycler for events and

update about tree planting with Friends of Trees. Additionally ABC board elections to be held.

7:12: Introduction of board member responsibilities (Amie)

7:13: Lin screen shared election sheet

– Sarah nominated Lin as candidate for Co-Chair – Lin accepted

– Lin nominated Tai as 2nd Co-Chair – Tai accepted

7:16: Sarah put forth motion to approve both Lin and Tai as ABC Co-Chairs

– 1st Charlie

– 2nd Alberta

Both Lin and Tai approved to continue as ABC Co-Chairs

7:17: Lin nominated Sarah to continue as board secretary – Sarah accepted

Motion put forth to approve nomination- approved for Sarah to continue as board secretary

7:18: Lin nominated Suzanne as Treasurer – Suzanne accepted

Jeremy – What are treasurer’s responsibilities?

Amie- Read out job duties

Motion put forth to approve nomination- approved for Suzanne to continue as Treasurer.

7:22: Election for Members at Large for ABC board

7:22: Lin nominated Charlie, Zack, Jeremy, Amie, Travis, Ed and Ethan as members at large.

– Amie- Were job duties needing to be provided for anyone?

– Lin – Members at large have to attend all monthly meetings and participate whenever


Motion put forth to approve all nominees – all accepted and to move forward as members at


7:28: Presentation on Traffic Calming by Logan Telles.

Provided details regarding the Welcome Way Traffic Calming project within Bethel. Traffic

program to slow speeding vehicles has multiple steps:

1.) Speed study

2.) Data Collection

3.) List of eligible locations

4.) Project Prioritization

5.) Design and Construction if eligible:

a.) 50% at or above speed

b.) 5 miles over speed limit

c.) 600 vehicle stops – within 24 hour period

There are 1 to 2 locations reviewed each year.

To address speeding concerns what is typically used are speed humps or cushions (these

include tire slots for vehicles such as buses, emergency vehicle’s, etc.). These are generally

around 3” high and 14’ wide.

Current project is on Welcome Way in Bethel – looking at putting in four speed humps.

Possibly additional supplemental funding that might be used for area around Candlelight and


2022 paving – Candlelight, Welcome Way, Stagecoach, Surry Lane, etc.

– Donella – West Irwin – issues with speeding, no sidewalks – concerned about another

gas station and more traffic – Is it possible to have this area included in an assessment?

– Logan – Unsure of stage for that project. Traffic impact assessment might be in place but

unsure if it is. If there are issues, can still request a traffic assessment.

– Suzanne – For East Irwin and West Irwin – semi trucks use this corridor. Can these be


– Logan – Unsure if a process is in place to restrict semi truck access or if there is a

enforcement mechanism in place. However a speed data study could be completed.

– Thomas – Stop signs along with speed humps possible?

– Logan – Not used often as the stop signs do not have a consistent record of slowing traffic often people race through these when in place along side speed humps. Speed humps

have better long term results in reducing speeding.

– Jeremy – Can speed limits be lowered?

– Logan – Speed reduction from 25 to 20 miles on neighborhood streets. Speed limit authority

left up to municipalities.

– Jeremy – Speed reduction vs. traffic calming differences?

– Logan – They address similar goals but but rely on different impact methods (driver speed

decisions vs road modifications)

– Ethan – Reading from chat room – Ronin posted question- Where does money come from

and could that be used fo another project?

– Logan – It is a $100,000 budget – cannot be utilized for other services. There is a high

demand for traffic calming solutions which budget is in place to assist with.

– Ethan – Who might be contacted for such projects?

– Logan – Sometimes both go together for urban standards. Currently traffic calming does not

included updates to sidewalks.

– Lin – Fossil fuel question in chat room – unfortunately that is outside the scope of Logan’s


– Lin – When will the presented project begin?

– Logan – Summer of 2022 or Fall of 2022.

7:53: Eugene Police Department – Criminal analysis – Ryan Skiles

Department responsible for tracking crime statistics for Eugene, including calls for service (911)

and Cahoots.

Within the last six months have received 7,800 calls – this is a 3.8% jump from last year –

please note that data is somewhat skewed as 2020 was different with COVID impacts on the

data gathered. There were on average 43 calls per day for Bethel- being that this is one of the

largest neighborhoods it is not out of bounds.

Top calls received are as follows:

1.) Welfare checks- Cahoots assisted typically – these were up about 24%

2.) Disputes – down about 7% from last year.

3.) Assist public- Typically Cahoots assists.

4.) Reported information to police – aka “hip-pocket” information- about possible concerns but

illegal activity.

5.) Patrol checks – officers actively patrolling.

6.) Illegal/criminal trespassing – up about 29% from last year. – the rates in Bethel are common

within the city of Eugene as a whole. Theft most common is vehicle related. Please note that

this specific theft type is about 26% lower from last year and is in keeping with the rest of

Eugene. Most likely will continue to see an increase in calls for service.

– Lin – Regarding vehicle vs. criminal trespassing, almost swapped in frequency.

– Ryan – Not relating to house trespassing, just on location/property.

– Donella – What is the number of patrol checks in the area?

– Ryan – About 319, which is down 33% from last year.

– Thomas – How does homeless rates figure into data?

– Ryan – Tricky question as housing status is not tracked. There has been a concerted effort

for focused patrols relating to crimes near encampments. Please note that not all of the

homeless population in our community(s) are responsible for crimes, but there are some people

that do contribute to illegal behavior.

– Lin – Read message in chat room from Robyn- Do calls get dispatched?

– Ryan – For total calls for service? Some do not get dispatched- it depends on priority of calls

in queue.

– Zack – What about bike theft?

– Suzanne – Homelessness across the nation seem to be high. Any positive change on its


– Jeremey – Concerns about theft in our community. What are steps that can be taken to


– Ryan – For the question about how to be proactive in terms of crime, Margaret Mazzotta will

be able to help highlight steps households can take. With regards to the question surrounding

bike theft, this is unfortunately a problem city wide. However it should be noted that a decline

in reports of thefts does not indicate a decline in that crime itself.

8:14: Presentation and question/answer session with Eugene Crime Prevention Specialist

Margaret Mazzotta.

Simple steps that people can take to help reduce crime.

Looking at the example of bike theft. Consider the value of your item – is this an item that you

would want to be secured vs left out in the open. Can be viewed in the same way as money how many of us would leave dollar bills laying out in the open or would you instead take steps

to keep them in a secure location. Make sure that your car does not have a lot of items left on

seats of your car or in your truck bed that can attract attention of a passerby. Making sure

your car doors are locked when parked to reduce the ease of which someone might try to

ransack the vehicle. The EPD division for crime prevention when requested does also conduct

home security surveys. The crime prevention specialist would go around property to assess

vulnerabilities. Can also make requests through

– Ed – Near Jennings bike path, if dumped bikes are found should these be reported?

– Margaret – Stolen property unit assists with such found items. If serial numbers can be

provided this will help locate/match to any item reported stolen.

– Robyn – Lights on at night of help with reduction in crime?

– Margaret – Lights on at night are a great deterrent – They do not need to be too bright (being

respectful of your neighbors), and should be even lighting. Motion detectors are another good

option for home security.

Additionally, can help set up a Neighborhood watch.

– Tresa – Any say in getting street lights along Barger/Golden Gardens?

– Margaret – Public works would be able to assist with such a request.

8:22: Senator Manning spoke to attendees on variety of issues/concerns.

– Robyn – How are you doing?

– Senator Manning – Thanked Robyn for asking. Making sure he is staying connected with

everyone- working for all of us.

Currently two bills being sponsored:

1.) Mattress recycling – Partnering with St. Vincent to help in developing program to assist with

recycling mattresses to help reduce waste and in addition, creates more jobs for this service.

2.) Ghost guns – Along with the Gifford Center- finding ways to help restrict access to

untraceable firearms and their kits from being able to be sold online in effort to reduce their use

in crime such as domestic violence, etc.

– Lin – For Bethel, J.H. Baxter pollution concerns is very big issues for residents.

– Thomas – Hoping legislators can help those living in manufactured homes/parks as properties

being bought by investment groups which then raise fees/prices to levels too high for many

within the tenant population living on limited budgets. Also just formed a tenants association

to help with these concerns.

– Senator Manning – would like to be invited to their meeting to be able to hear concerns and

find ways to help support.

– Zack: With there being a climate shift, is there to be state funding for homelessness issues?

– Senator Manning: There has been allotted around $65 million to help fight homelessness.

The state is restricted by amount of money we have to use and to what programs it can be

applied towards. Looking to find ways to streamline housing request application process.

Additionally looking at how these expenses are used (transparency efforts) to see how well and

for what these funds are being used for.

8:44: Lin – Any more questions?

– Suzanne – Federal funding – how can communities help with getting funding passed?

– Senator Manning – Looking at minimum wage vs a living wage- more centered around a build

back a better America plan as a way to help with homelessness/low income concerns/crisis.

8:45: Lin – If there are any other questions please send them to to

be forwarded to Senator Manning. Both Committee reports and meeting minutes to be

covered at next ABC board meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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