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Active Bethel Citizens Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Online – Zoom Meeting

July 21st, 2021, 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich,, Amie Anderson-Forbis , Ed Farren, Sarah Warren, Emily Pyle, Suzanne O’Shea, Jenny Boyd, Ethan Clevenger, Charlie Sterling and Ryan Josef-Maier,

Absent: Tai Pruce-Zimmerman and Travis Johannes

Members of the public joined: Ann Richer, JJ Johnson, Matt Albertson, Robert Riddell, Randy Groves, Lyne Blanchard, David Hoffman, Sister Clare, John Q. Murray, Andres Rodriguez, Jack Simons, Joel Robe, Robin Bloomgarden and C. Cartwright

Guest speaker: Randy Groves, Matt Albertson

7:00 Meeting was called to order by: Lin – Went over brief recap of rules, chat responsibilities, Recorded meeting to be uploaded to ABC website/Facebook

– Motion to approve agenda made by: Lin.

1st: Sarah

2nd: Ed

7:05 – Unanimous approval by Board

7:05: Meeting minutes put forth to be approved – June

1st: Ed

2nd: Jenny

7:06: Meeting minutes approved by board

7:07 – Amie – Motion to approve Charlie as board member

– Board approves Charlie

7:07 – Motion to approve Ryan Josef-Maier as board member

– 1st – Sarah

– 2nd – Jenny

– Board approves Ryan

7:08: Lin shared screen for attendees to view Emergency Preparedness presentation

7:08: Randy Groves – guest speaker – Emergency Preparedness- importance of preparation

“ Prepare for the worst, hope for the best”- with large scale disaster important to be proactive.

What to expect:

Eugene and Springfield have 16 fire stations to serve residents. Same with Police, etc.

During the event of a disaster, these first responders will most likely be assisting with the worst of the epicenter before able to reach neighborhoods. Additionally airports/trains may be down at standstill. Depending on size of disaster, if still operational, 911 will be very busy. Cell towers can be down as well. Fire departments will do a “windshield survey” – driving through response area to target hazardous assessment.

Home preparedness, family preparation (how to connect with love ones, meet up locations ,etc.) and neighborhood preparedness are important stop gap measures to provide assistance until first responders can respond. Ideally looking to prepare for around 3-5 days up to two weeks for independent survival. Washington/Oregon/California – these states have large seismic activity that could affect all 28 region rescue teams with FEMA. 9 are in Washington/California and will assist these locations first before moving to Oregon if disaster is multistate. Oregon does not currently have a Type 1 team – 70+ people on team.

How a neighbors/neighborhoods assist one another is critical. Important to think about what areas/people might have special needs, etc.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training is an excellent supplement for families/neighborhoods to have trained members who can lend help when and where needed.

Regarding CERT teams – basic training at the neighborhood level. Evacuation zones now available for Eugene/Springfield. – good idea to print off copy(s) to have for quick reference in case of an emergency.

In addition, make sure to have any important documents (medication and health concerns, pets, etc.) are prepared and ready to be taken with you at short notice.

there can be a cascading chain of events with large scale disasters (toxins released, etc.). This ripple effect can quickly over run resources available.

7:18: Lin checked in with Amie about chat field:

  1. Robin – good idea to be prepared for up to one month after an emergency.

  2. Cartwright – for the evacuation zone are meeting attendees going to see a copy?

  3. Mr. Grove – that was part of the evaluation – hard to give exact routes sit changes/evolves depending on disaster. Specific evacuations – county/state/city send out notifications regarding emergency.

– Robin – If you only have a landline – how will I be notified?

  1. Mr. Gross – Community notification center – this sends an auto message to geographic area including landline. Would also see T.V. coverage via public alert announcements if still operational. The level of communication will be dependent on disaster.

  2. Charlie – For neighborhood training- how could that be coordinated?

Mr. Gross – Encourage neighbors to come in together to learn survival preparedness so as to be on the same page in terms of moving forward with small scale assistance. City of Eugene Emergency Management office – CERT

  1. Jenny – Do we have storm shelters in our area?

  2. Mr. Gross – There is not any shelters in the Bethel/Danebo area due to absence of site locations.

  3. Ryan – How can we try to put one together so that there are supplies to help neighborhoods?

  4. Mr. Gross – space/means – stock pile for more than yourself as an alternative when no shelter is available. Use a year to begin to gather supplies to help make make collection for preparedness easier to accomplish.

  5. Lin – Great idea to think of your neighbors as you build your preparedness kits.

7:31: Lin screen shared slides of preparation – use this site to locate:

1.) Prepare own preparedness plan. Lots of links that provide details/education. What are your needs specific to you/family? *Practice of locating items and what to do in an emergency to be familiar*

7:38: Lin checked back in with Amie with message on chat forum- none present

Presentation continued- moving to discuss building a disaster preparedness kit(s).

a.) Each home should have at least one to go bag.

b.) Details of items to have a hand

c.) Rethink your kit each year – update when applicable.

d.) Good idea to have 3 kits – for home, work and car

7:42: Lin checked to see if there were any questions about the kits- none brought up

7:42: Jenny- Would like to see about setting up a shelter set up for the area beyond just sheltering in place.

  1. Lin – This presentation will be able to provide good steps to start the process.

7:45: Presentation continued to discuss EWEBs Pledge to Prepare.

EWEB – 12 month pledge to prepare designates each month different items to gather supplies. Participation in program if EWEB member can also be eligible for a prize.

7:48: Lin checked in to see if there were any questions- none asked

7:48: Wildfire preparation – building a defensible space.

Most within the Bethel/Danebo area are in zones 1 & 2.

7:52: Evacuation zone (new) – can search by your address to see what zone you are under.

Bethel in particular are in zones 9, 10, 11, 15 and 16.

7:58: Matt Albertson – Communication presentation.

If there are utility breakdowns Ham radio operators can help field information between first responders. Eugene EMComm (Eugene Emergency Communication) – field teams provide data to neighborhood hub(s)- as a ICS 213 form.

Multiple steps for each team to send/receive data between neighborhoods, EMTs, etc.

EMComm acts as another level of a communication conduit made up of volunteers.

– An ICS 213 – “Incident Command System”

  1. FEMA form – details occurrences

  2. ICS 309 form – Communication log for incidents ( to locate these forms

What makes for a good communication hub?

1.) Sturdy building which is tall enough to be clear of obstructions, near geographical center to area

2.) Mount an antenna

3.) Be able to accommodate emergency antenna

4.) Parking space and/or lawn

Ham radio operators – working from the bottom up to meet county/city from top down.

  1. Cartwright – How to reach out to them?

  2. Mr. Albertson – Ham radio operators work with larger community issues rather than being a 911 operator. Work is to help supply details to EMT, rescue teams and facilitate those actions/needs with local neighbors hubs.

  3. Suzanne – How many Ham radio operators are in our neighborhood (Bethel/Danebo)?

  4. Mr. Albertson – Website that can give you a list of those operators.

  5. Lin Blancherd – Ham radio – is new to using this radio communication.

  6. Lin Woodrich – If anyone is interested in being part of communication Hub please reach out to ABC to connect.

8:15: Lin shared screen – “Living on Shaking Ground” – book.

Also 9 steps for beginning to map your neighborhood. For immediate use after disaster – maps can be used as a reference guide.

In addition, a Neighborhood Watch Program – can help provide steps to set one up in you neighborhood.

Margaret Mazotta- is Eugene Police Departments Community response person – great resource.

there is also the following resources:

a.) Alert me- phone app.

b.) CERT

c.) Eugene office of Human Rights Neighborhoods Preparedness

8:30: Lin – Any other CERT trained people in our area?

  1. Lin Blancherd – Confirmed as being CERT trained in Portland, OR but not for Lane/Eugene.

  2. David Hoffman with Friendly Neighborhood is CERT.

  3. Amie – John M. is also CERT.

  4. Suzanne – Is it safe for going door to door currently with COVID?

  5. Mr. Gross – Things at this time (* at time of meeting in July* ) are open to try however exercise precaution.

  6. Cartwright – COVID safety – map your neighborhood – no indoor meetings but can have outdoor conversations to help facilitate communications- or can do them by phone/Zoom.

Question if CERTs would be deployed during an emergency?

  1. Mr. Gross – Will follow up with city manager to clarify. CERTs used in past for large community events.

  2. Lin – During CERT training was noted that it is up to those certified to assist taking care of things until response teams arrive.

8:32: Lin – Will post information/links on ABC Facebook page.

– Robin – Can links be sent out in e-mail?

  1. Lin – Will email to those who would like this data.

  2. Suzanne – How about an E-Blast?

  3. Lin – Would see about sending that out.

8:39 – Committee Reports:

  1. 8:39 – Finance – Suzanne sent out financial report to board in prior email. City three funding allocations to all neighborhood associations. New funding – little under $10,000 available.

  2. Lin screen shared finance report with board.

  3. Suzanne- Recycle events and its collection of bottles/cans are helping to build account.

  4. Lin – Our funds for HRNI funds are only for outreach services. Recycled items are less restrictive.

  5. 8:44 – Events – Lin – Scavenger hunt with Peterson Barn is on hold due to COVID.

  6. Bethel wide yard sale – (Charlie) possibly to go forward in September.

  7. Charlie – Regarding regions within Bethel – people to do response training for disaster preparedness?

  8. Lin – Date for possible Yard Sale?

  9. Charlie – No date yet determined.

8:55: Civic Engagement – Lin – 9/1 new liaison with HRNI representative. Starting planning for development within Bethel area,

Jensen Ponds- update – application for an annexation for pond in order to retain public rights to area.

8:57: Public Safety – Ed – Emerald Park meeting was informative. More updates to come.

8:58: Beautification – Lin – Travis sent file for screen share during board meeting. Gilbert Park clean up event on 7/24 9-12.

Have volunteer vest available in order to identify ABC members and be visible.

9:03: Pantry – Lin – No report but still have donations coming in.

9:04: Business Relations – Lin – sending out postcard with dates/events.

9:04: Recycling – Lin – both past events were successful.

8:37: Bylaws – Ed – next board meeting to go over items.

8:53: Social Equity – Lin – small group numbers so far. Hoping more will join.

-9:08: Motion to adjourn made by: Lin

1st: Suzanne

2nd: Ed

Approved by board.

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