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Active Bethel Citizens Executive Board Meeting Minutes


January 20th, 2021, 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Ed Farren, Sarah Warren, Emily Pyle, Amie Anderson-Forbis, Madison Hibler, Suzanne O’Shea, Jenny Boyd, Ethan Clevenger and Travis Johannes

Absent: Kimberli Holmquist

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 by: Tai

  1. Motion to approve agenda made by: Tai

  2. 1st by: Travis

  3. Seconded by: Suzanne

7:03 – Motion to approve of 12/16/2020 Meeting Minutes: Lin

– 1st by: Madison

– 2nd by: Ed

Meeting minutes approved by board.

Old Business: 7:03

  1. Ed – Updating Bylaws previously provided to board.

  2. 24 hour discussion period can have a vote to approve any modification.

  3. Suzanne – How does this work for emails?

  4. Tai – Would not work with emails – if modifications needed. Two options possible:

  5. Table until next in person meeting.

  6. Use discussion to workshop any changes and then send out new motion- with new waiting period be approved.

  7. Suzanne – Could there be wording in Bylaws update regarding if motion cannot be tabled until next formal meeting?

  8. Tai – Procedure in place to allow email to move forward for vote. New motion can address 2nd email motion without adding wording.

Motion by Lin to approve updates to Bylaws: 7:11

1st by: Suzanne

2nd by: Madison

Approved by board.

7:12 – Goals and Challenges Report

Report details provided by Lin regarding 2020 accomplishments for ABC Board:

  1. Creation of Bethel Business Alliance

  2. Zoom meeting on social justice

  3. Building a Better Bethel general meeting

Three most pressing challenges:

  1. Engagement of community

  2. Diverse participation among board membership/committee’s – represents the neighborhood as a whole.

  3. Public safety and/or the perception of lack of safety.

7:44 – Lin – Discussion about hours worked by committees and board members for 2020.

7:45 – Neighbors helping neighbors- Canned Food Drive on 2/13/2021. Lin – postcard emailed out to board to review sharing image during meeting. Mention about Putters donating coupons for $5 off. Proposal to mention recycling on Postcards – additionally could mention bottle/can drop off bags for people to use. Possible to be mentioned on next newsletter.

  1. Suzanne – Can we make a flyer to advertise for other donations needed?

  2. Lin – Have a previous newsletter – also in Spanish and English.

  3. Amiee – Flyers could also plug joining ABC board/committees.

8:00 – Approval by ABC board for current Postcard to be sent out.

8:01 – Multi-cultural cookbook – table until next meeting due to time constraint.

8:04 – Sign up for ABC board members for food drive on 2/13/2021 – Use of PUTTERS parking lot.

8:11 – Aimee – Spreadsheet that can list hours which could be used each month to track board members/committee hours spent each month for record keeping. Board members/committees can email her with their hours for her to update or can be free to track their own hours.

  1. Lin – Next meeting working on formatting for list of hours

  2. Suzanne – Would like copy of spreadsheet to better see categories.

  3. Madison – Can set up a Google survey that could then populate Aimee’s spreadsheet.

8:17 – Committee Reports:

8:17 – Finance – Suzanne sent out financial report to board in prior email. Mention of recent bottle donations money totaling: $189.20 (per check received). Will revise financial report to reflect $25 as debts were paid off. Follow up to PayPal complaint – should ABC board decide to no longer follow up on this complaint?

  1. Lin/Tai – Keep working to collect that money. Have almost $11,000 in monies in ABC board account- no debt currently.

  2. 8:20 – Events – Lin – spoke about COVID survey posted on Facebook – it will be closed in the next few days- Will be notified of results.

  3. 8:21 – Public Safety – Ed spoke reminding that meetings happen as CERT every 2nd Saturday of the month.

  4. 8:24 – Beautification – Travis – Was emailed about the possibility of a healing garden being set up in Bethel.  Will provide more details as more is known.

  5. 8:25 – Equity – Lin/Travis – Will have another meeting Tuesday at 6:30.

  6. 8:27 – Pantry – Jenny, Madison and Amie spoke of work being done.  Food pantry:

  7. Barrels need to be picked up

  8. Proposed putting a Thank You note about food drive.

  9. Not getting enough donations at Mailbox store- possibility of moving that donation barrel to a different location.  Lin – proposed Big Lots might be better.

  10. 8:28 – Business Relations – Lin nothing to report for this meeting.

8:30 – Motion to adjourn made by: Tai

1st by: Ed

2nd by: Ethan

Approved by board.

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