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Active Bethel Citizens General Meeting, June 30, 2020

Welcome and meeting goals by Lin Woodrich, ABC Co-chair and Beatriz Robles Kieser

Board members present: Lin Woodrich, Ethan Clevinger, Janice Kerber, Suzanne O’Shea, Ed Farren, Heather Quaas-Annsa, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Jenelle Boyd

Board members absent: Bonnie Stone, Pennie Moblo, Douglas Barr

Call to order by Ethan Clevenger

Motion to approve agenda by Heather, seconded by Suzanne and passed.

Rules of the online meeting explanation by Lin Woodrich.

Thanks to City Councilor Chris Pryor and to Randy Groves for attendance at meeting.

Statement from the Active Bethel Citizens Board

We stand in support of Black lives in our community and in solidarity with the fight for equality and justice for communities of color. We want to express to our membership that we stand against racial discrimination and police brutality. It is our goal as a neighborhood organization of the most diverse neighborhood in Eugene to ensure all our members feel safe and welcome here. As a Board we want ot invite community partners and members to join and challenge us as we strive to do – and demand – better.

We are planning an ABC Special Meeting on July 29 on ZOOM from 7-8 pm, where we plan to conduct a more involved and detailed discussion with our community on how we can collaborate and advance efforts of anti-racism as well as provide resources for members to engage and learn more. Please follow the new Facebook page created by our Civic Engagement Team member Johanna Staniak “Bethel Community for Social Justice.”

Announcement of prizes for Highway 99 businesses:

  1. Eugene Textile Center – Leslie Cohen

  2. Emerald Power Equipment – Doug Taylor

  3. Thai Time Kitchen – Torin Scharer

  4. DARI MART/800 – Jerrod Messer

  5. DARI MART/1510 – Priscilla P. Pearson

  6. Subway Sandwiches – Tyan Hanson

  7. KC Trailer Service & Supply- Kailey White

Bethel Open Streets pilot program

  1. Presented by Cas Casados, Eugene Transportation Programs Coordinator

  2. Eugene normally has some summer programs to get people out and active. The city has had to redesign the program, called Open Streets, and would like to pilot it in Bethel.

  3. Open Streets will consist of signage and soft closure to minimize cross-thru traffic and provide some safety on a small number of streets. These streets to become people places to walk, bike and roll, promote physical and mental health and safe access to goods and services. It would reduce, but not eliminate, car traffic 24/7 from mid-July to mid-September. It will be monitored by staff to deal with any issues that arise.

  4. The two areas that are possible sites in Bethel can be viewed on Cas’s presentation on our meeting recording on our ABC Facebook page.

Announcement of prize winners for Barger Drive businesses:

  1. Eva’s Taqueria – Brittany Chance

  2. Fruteria Lalito Mexican Snacks & Appetizers – Maria Corrion

  3. Southpaw’s Pizza – Ella White

  4. Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza – Danielle Enlow

  5. DARI MART/Barger – Cari Hansen

  6. The Filling Station – Doug Taylor

  7. MBOSQ Mexican Food and Catering – Dina Lann

Update on Petersen Barn Homeless sites and information about CAHOOTS and on City of Eugene Homeless Micro sites

  1. Presented by Alex Farmer, Program Coordinator, White Bird Clinic and Peter Chavannes, Senior Program Supervisor of City of Eugene.


  3. Currently very busy answering calls from across the US and Canada about how to set up similar programs.

  4. Answered around 24,000 calls last year with approximately 1% requiring police intervention.

  5. CAHOOTS team consists of a medic and a mental health crisis intervention councilor. The team provides a positive first encounter, listens to needs and concerns, and provides resources designed to start a relationship of trust. It must be remembered that despite this positive first encounter that secondary services are stretched thin and there is a need for further investment in human services infrastructure.

  6. The question was asked if CAHOOTS uses volunteers and the answer is not presently because of COVID-19. Normally they do and they are trying to devise an outreach team for calls that are not crisis; people can also do ride-alongs. The application process is on their website.

  7. White Bird currently has 9 programs including distribution services to help people shelter in place, as well as help with OR health plan, navigate housing options, outpatient drug services, health, dental and counseling services. They are currently trying to reach out to the Bethel area to help people find some kind of security in their lives

  8. White Bird is working in conjunction with the city to create micro-shelter sites. Referrals are through White Bird, with a trained site manager at each site. The purpose is to support people as they hope to move out of homelessness. When asked if there was a plan to provide “a roof over their heads” the answer was yes.

  9. There were two sites set up at Petersen Barn, a car site and a tent site. The car site has been relocated and the tent site will be relocated soon.

  10. There have been many people attending City Council meetings asking that money be redirected from police to other services that can better serve the community.

Announcement of prize winners for Royal Avenue area businesses:

  1. DARI MART/Royal – Doug Taylor

  2. El Charro Mexican Restaurant – Arnoldo Avila

  3. Albertsons – Ella White

  4. Little Caesar’s Pizza – Kaylee Pleshor

  5. Pape’ Machinery – Mary Ann Hall

Announcement of meeting on July 22, 6:00-8:00 pm

  1. For the adjacent neighbors (and any who would like to attend) to view the development plans for the northwest corner of Barger and Century Drives.

  2. Meet at the site.

Announcement of the three Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize winners drawn from ALL entries.

  1. Each winner will receive:

  2. Jerry’s Home Improvement Center, $200 gift card

  3. Bi-Mart, $200 gift card

  4. Albertsons, $25 gift card

  5. DARI MART/Royal, $10 gas coupon

  6. Abby’s Legendary Pizza, giant pizza coupon

  7. Thank you to all our grand prize sponsors.

  8. Winners are:

  9. Rosalva Pena

  10. Laura Gonzales

  11. Mary Beth Hall (chosen in a second drawing on June 9 after S. Berry could not be located)

Meeting adjourned at 7:59

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