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Active Bethel Community Board Meeting Minutes In-person Meeting at Asbury Church March 20th, 2024, 7–8:30pm

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Sarah Warren, Robin Bloomgarden, Suzanne O’Shea, Ed Farren, Maya Lazaro, Jim Koch, Diane Behling, Eric Dziura, Jeremy AAsum

Absent: Jose Cuauxinque

Guests: JS “Mike” Negre, Robert Sprowl, Mark Bond, Kristin Bond

7:00: Meeting called to order - Tai

Approval of meeting agenda put forth

  • 1st: Jim

  • 2nd: Jeremy

Board approved meeting agenda.


7:03: Public comments - Mike, Kristin, Mark and Robert introduced themselves and interests relating to the Bethel community and ABC efforts.  Mark and Kristin in particular interested in the Transportation Committee.  Lin put forth motion to elect Mark as chair for that committee:

  • 1st:  Diane

  • 2nd: Jim

Board approves Mark to become chair of the transportation committee.

Robert mentioned was C.E.R.T and will see about reaching out to Ed regarding preparation planning.


7:08: Meeting minutes for February put forth for board approval by Lin

  • 1st: Maya

  • 2nd: Robin

Board approved February meeting minutes.


7:09  New ABC website discussion - Jeremy spoke about donations with ENI on the site as well as creating committee pages to highlight achievements and current projects. Board discussed design ideas that could be put into place on the website. Board also discussed creation of a grant tracker by Sarah that could be used internally by ABC to track/house data of possible grants for projects. Possibility of using Google Docs as way to maintain this data.  Interested in seeing if Karen might be interested in being part of a grant committee. ABC board also spoke about calendar uses for website.


7:36: Sidewalk petition - Lin emailed to ABC board details regarding petition by Eugene Citizens United for Better Sidewalks on deteriorating condition of City sidewalks and if ABC to sign petition in support.  ABC declined at present.


7:45:  Bethel Planning discussion - Lin.  Board spoke about thoughts and impressions of presentation provided at last general meeting for Bethel planning.

- Lin - Could Fabio post recorded presentation to their website for public to see/listen to?

- Tai - Suggested meeting in person with the city planning team to help keep lines of communication open


810:   Committee Reports:


8:10:  Transportation: Mark requested ideas/thoughts of how to engage with Bethel community over concerns.

- Tai - Suggested putting together a meeting schedule.

- Lin - Would provide copy of Bethel Visioning board data for committees review


8:11: Finance - Suzanne - Emailed ABC board with report

Lin - Wanted to see if some funds could be used by ABC to purchase weights for canopies used by the ABC during outdoor events?  Currently weights are borrowed from Petersen Barn.

- Tai - If city uses outreach funds to purchase might be possible.

- Jim - Put forth motion to inquire to the City as to if ABC can use funds to buy weights:

  • 2nd:  Robin

Board approves motion and Lin to reach out to the City.


8:15: Public Safety - Ed - Discussed community member who is having issues with disruptive neighborhood.  Discussed if it were possible to hire private security.

- Robin - Who would pay for the private security?

- Ed - Not sure at present but wanted to float idea to get thoughts


8:20: Beautification - Sarah - Spoke about upcoming projects including Pollinator corridor ideas, plant nursery community trip, and updates for herb garden at Petersen Barn.


8:35: Pantry - Maya - gave updates about last food drive

Bethel raised the highest amount of donated food out of all neighborhood associations

Future projects for donations are set for Summerfield Estates for a short term food drive and a Pet food drive (partnering with Sarah on ABC board).


8:37: Events / Communications - Lin gave updates. Looking to re-start the Bethel business planning efforts this year.


8:38: Civic Engagement - Tai - gave updates


8:39: Recycle event - Lin gave update for new event in future.


8:40: Bylaws - Tai - Waiting for City Council to approve.


8:41: Bethel School Board: - meeting on 3/21 - 8pm at Willamette High School regarding Clear Lake School to be closed.


8:42: Meeting adjourned - Tai  





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