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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

In person Meeting

September 20th, 2023 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Jeremy AAsum, Sarah Warren, Robin Bloomgarden, Suzanne O’Shea, Jose Cuauxinque, Diane Behling

Absent: Amie, Zach, Lisa

Guest: Maya Lazaro, Ed Farren, Reed Dunbar, John Faville, Jim Koch

7:02: Meeting called to order – Tai

7:02: Agenda approved by ABC board members present

7:04: Public comments- Jim, Maya and Ed introduced themselves. Ed was interested in being on the ABC Safety committee.

7:05: Meeting minutes for August put forth for board approval by Lin

. 1st: Diane

. 2nd: Jose

Board approves August meeting minutes

7:06:  Echo Hollow Road presentation given by Reed Dunbar (City of Eugene Public Works Department). Spoke about road upgrades within Bethel.  City working with a national consultant to help create safe routes area between Barger and Royal that take into consideration schools, bus stops, bike lanes, pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

A.  Dove/Barger area:  Estimated about 9,000 cars daily drove through the area 

B.  Dove/Royal area: Estimated about 8,000 cars daily drove through the area

City of Eugene looking to find ways to adjust high traffic corridors  to be more safe for pedestrians in and around area.  Speed studies/volume traffic studies completed and will help to inform designs being developed for these locations.  Looking to redesign corridor to be more safe for pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Opened meeting up to meeting attendees for any questions.

7:35:  Beltline Project presentation given by Kevin Reed.  Discussed arterial bridge and Green Acres to Santa Clara access within Beltline. ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) would fund construction of proposed new roadway for the area- The City of Eugene would be responsible for its maintenance going forward.

Request put forth for ABC support for updated bridge/ramp designs.

7:38:  1st: Jeremy put forth proposal for ABC to support road upgrades

2nd: Diane

Board approved support of proposed roadway upgrades

7:40: ABC Website updates – Jeremy provided status update as to new website for ABC.

7:50: Committee Reports:

– 7:50 : Equity – Tabled for next meeting.

– 7:50: Finance – Suzanne sent out email to board. September 25th 2023 city council set to approve name change for ABC.

– 8:05: Safety: Suzanne nominated Ed Farren to become new chair for committee. Ed confirmed as new chair by ABC board.

– 8:13: Beautification – Sarah – Meetings 2nd Thursday – 6pm (PST).  Looking at new and existing projects- possible partnership with Grasshopper Park.  Still working to determine what free standing structures in Bethel could be used as part of larger mural project.

– 8:15: Events – Lin – Spoke about events in progress

– 8:28:  Pantry:  Lin – Tabled until next meeting.  Will need a new chair for this committee for planning and management of process.  If interested please contact Lin.

– 8:28: Recycling: Lin discussed next recycling event planned for 11/4/2023. If interested in volunteering please reach out to Lin.

– 8:30: Communications: Lin – Newsletter in the works with upcoming events

– 8:30: Civic Engagement: Lin spoke about food carts and community challenges

– 8:30: Business Planning: Lin – Tabled for next meeting.

– 8:30: Transportation: Zach – Tabled for next meeting.

8:31: Meeting adjourned – Tai

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