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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

Zoom Meeting

August 16th, 2023 7-8:30pm (PST) 

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Jeremy AAsum, Sarah Warren, Robin Bloomgarden, Suzanne O’Shea, Jose Cuauxinque,

Absent: Diane Behling, Lisa Moore

Guest: Maya Lazaro

7:06: Meeting called to order – Tai

7:10: Agenda approved by ABC board members present – Beam Bright discussion for later

7:11: Meeting minutes for July put forth for board approval by Lin

• 1st: Jeremy

• 2nd: Suzanne

Board approves July meeting minutes

7:12: Public comment: Maya Lazaro introduced herself to the board.

7:12: ABC website – Jeremy spoke about design set up so far. Shared screen of how website

currently looks like.

– Maya: Why was decision made to use WIX?

– Jeremy: Use of new online platform that was easier of people to use/modify, etc.

– Lin: Would like to have a donation button for ABC on website.

Board discussed how to update committee page to be more readable.

7:35: New Business. Beam Bright Parade – Lin. Opened to attendees to discuss ideas for

parade – combined effort of creating single float. Proposal put forth for ABC to participate in


• 1st: Robin

• 2nd: Suzanne

Board approves participating in parade

8:02: Daily Emerald – Lin spoke about journalist who was interested in interviewing Bethel

neighbors about J H baxter. Anyone with personal experience can reach out to Lin to connect

with journalist.

8:05: Committee Reports:

– 8:05: Equity – Tai spoke about last meeting held and provided updates.

8:08: Finance – Suzanne sent out email to board.

-8:08: Beautification – Sarah – Meetings 2nd Thursday – 6pm (PST). Looking at new and

existing projects- possible partnership with Grasshopper Park.- 8:12: Events – Lin – Spoke about next recycling event for October. Volunteers needed – if

interested please reach out to Lin.

-8:14: Pantry: Lin – Spoke about around Thanksgiving to begin getting panty donations

picked up.

-8:16: Communications: Lin – Talked about October elections and newsletter.

– 8:18: Business Planning: Lin provided updates

– 8:23: Transportation: Zach discussed updates

8:25: Meeting adjourned – Ta

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