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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

In person Meeting

December 13th, 2023 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Jeremy AAsum, Sarah Warren, Robin Bloomgarden, Suzanne O’Shea, Ed Farren, Maya Lazaro

Absent: Jose Cuauxinque, Jim Koch

7:02:  Meeting called to order - Tai

Board approved meeting agenda


7:05:  Meeting minutes for November put forth for board approval by Lin

• 1st: Diane

• 2nd: Robin

Board approved November meeting minutes


7:07:   Board discussed Bethel neighborhood planning - proposal to general meeting topic for February meeting.  Discussed possible dates for meeting:

1.)  Saturday, 2/24 - possible child care to be provided meeting from 2-4pm

2.)  Wednesday, 2/21  possible child care to be provided meeting

For the child care to be offered will need for participants to RVSP if care is needed.  Tai/lLin discussed items spoke about subject discussed at urban growth boundaries discussed in City meeting.  Boundaries of Bethel Plan still under discussion/review.


7:35:  Discussion about Google virtual meetings update- Lin.  Virtual meetings are set in near future to shift to being through Google Work Space.  City of Eugene proposed a local non-profit to provide all association accounts to avoid the City to have to purchase the Enterprise Suite.  Board discussed if ABC should take on web hosting for Google Work Space for other neighborhood associations to have access.  Tai will follow up on more detailed clarification as to ABC’s responsibility and liabilities possible, intended users.


7:46:  One on One goals discussion - Tai/Lin.  A summary of goals put forth during one on ones with ABC board members will be e-mailed to ABC board for review of organizational goals.


7:50:  Food barrel update - Maya.  Spoke about spreadsheet created a tracking spreadsheet to see how many donations for statistical data for ABC goal setting.  Discussed possible food drives for 2024.


7:56:  New website progress - Jeremy.  New website is set to be launched soon - including offering Spanish translation.  


8:00:   Committee Reports:


8:00:  Finance - Suzanne.  Sent out report via email to ABC board for review.


8:05:  Public Safety - Ed - Brief discussion about topics being reviewed by City for bridges/overpasses will be good for planning evacuation if needed for emergencies.


8:07:  Beautification - Sarah - Talked about mural ideas.

8:10:  Events - Lin.  City Club meeting went great.  Spoke about We are Bethel art grant possibilities.  40+ booths for event planned.


8:15:  Pantry - Maya - spoke earlier in meeting about updates for Pantry program.


8:15:  Communications  Lin.  Would like to spotlight/highlight local business in Bethel.


8:20:  Business Planning - Lin.  Tabled for next meeting.


8:20:  Civic Engagement - Lin.  Gave updates to meetings.


8:23:  Social Equity - Tai.  Tabled for next meeting for updates.


8:25:  Transportation - needs chair to lead.  If interested please reach out to Lin at ABC.


8:27:  Recycling - Lin.  Looking to plan another event in 2024- details to follow at later date.


8:28:  Bylaws- Tai.  Discussed possible steps for review of charter and bylaws.


8:30:  Good of the Order - Tai - Board member Eric was appointed to airport advisory board.  Diane will be accepting role on Bethel School Budget board.


8:31:  Meeting adjourned - Tai  



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