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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes


March 15th 2023 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Sarah Warren, Zach Mulholland, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Suzanne O’Shea, Jose Cuauxinque, Amie Anderson-Forbis, Jeremy AAsum, Robin Bloomgarden, Diane Behling, Lisa Moore

Absent: N/A

Guest: Erin Basinger, Kraig Sproles, Curt Nordling, Carmen Adler, Drae Charles, Erin Zygaitis, Greg Nelson, Charissa Nelson, Jason Whipple

7:00: Meeting called to order – Lin

7:00: Lin shared screen with agenda for meeting

Agenda accepted by board

7:01: February Meeting Minutes motion to approve – Lin

  1. 1st: Amie

  2. 2nd: Jose

Board approves meeting minutes

7:01 Public comment: Suzanne spoke about details surrounding the Gas station at Irving/Barger location – will continue to move forward in late summer to be completed. Both apartments and gas station in area.

7:03: Bethel Schools – Kraig Sproles and Carmen Adler spoke about focus group looking at strengths about Bethel schools. Students reached out to help identify sources of strength in their lives. Asked specific questions to help gage what are priorities moving forward:

  1. Who are we in Bethel?

  2. Who are we wanting to become?

Equity in action steps to use?

Strategic planning for Bethel schools – Expand role of care for community

Trying to elevate community voices within Bethel schools to provide services to diverse community. Also looking to enhance Mental health resources for students both in school and access to therapists including telehealth.

Current great percentage of high school students graduating – 90% from Willamette and Kalapuya.

60% of students feel safe in Bethel schools

83% of kids could identify a trusted adult in their life

Meeting attendees asked to provide thoughts about Bethel school and services.

Discussed the four pillars that Bethel is working towards as part of a 3-5 year plan moving forward:

  1. Joy and Wellness

  2. Relevant and Responsive learning

  3. Belonging and Engagement

  4. Strong schools and Strong community

7:44: Bethel school board candidates spoke to meeting participants about positions. 5 minutes for each candidate to provide background and interest for being part of board. Five candidates spoke:

  1. Curt Nording – position 3

  2. Greg Nelson – re-election of current position

  3. Erin Basinger – Position 4

  4. Drae Charles

  5. Robin Zygaitis

8:09: Committee Reports:

  1. 8:09 Finance – Suzanne sent out email to board. Went over funds allocated. Community engagement funds set to expire – board discussed ways in which to use.

  2. 8:17: Events/Communications: Lin – Meetings 2nd Thursday – 6pm (PST). 4/15 – Recycle event. Grasshopper Meadows neighbors adopted park and working on improvements. 6/10- We are Bethel even and 4/22 ABC meeting at Petersen Barn activities discussed.

8:358 Public Safety/Emergency preparation: Lin – Meetings 1st Tuesday – 6:30pm (PST) In need of new lead to help plan events – if interested please reach out to Lin.

  1. 8:40: Beautification – Sarah – Meetings 2nd Thursday – 6pm (PST). Update provide on proposed current projects in the works.

  2. 8:41: Pantry: Lin discussed on behalf of Charlie about reduction in donations in existing barrels. Need more community members to donate food.

– 8:41: Business Planning – Lin – Meetings 4th Wednesday 6:30pm (PST) – on pause

  1. 8:41: Transportation: Zach – Meetings 1st Wednesday 6:30pm (PST) City starting to determine how to allocate funds for projects. Public Health overlay discussed.

– 8:45: Rebranding: Lin/Jeremy went over new website features.

  1. 8:48: Social Equity: Drae – Meetings 4th Tuesday 5:30pm (PST) Have a few vacancies needing to be filled. If interested please reach out.

– 8:51: – Motion to adjourn made by: Lin

Approved by board.

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