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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes


December 15th, 2021, 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Amie Anderson-Forbis , Ed Farren, Sarah Warren, Suzanne O’Shea, Charlie Sterling, Zach Mulholland, Travis Johannes, Jeremy AAsum and Ryan Josef-Maier

Absent: Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Ethan Clevenger

Guest: Councilor Randy Groves

7:03: Meeting was called to order by: Lin

7:03: Approval of agenda – put forth by Lin

1st: Ed

2nd: Suzanne

Agenda approved by board

7:03: Open Floor: Lin – State to divest coalition of fossil fuels used in investments. Should the ABC join in support of that initiative?

  1. Suzanne: – State is focused on PERS accounts use that those investments- then will look at other funds to address. On 1/7/2022, there will be a meeting with Julie Fahey going over subject.

  2. Lin: Is ABC to join?

  3. Suzanne: Is that covered in the Bylaws?

  4. Lin: As a 501c4, ABC can join. A 501c3 has different restrictions – put forth question if ABC should shift its status?

  5. Zach: Supportive of decision – state not as comfortable with full disclosure in state investments.

7:10: Motion to join coalition

1st: Suzanne

2nd: Travis

Board approves joint coalition

7:11: Public comment – Will O’Hearn from police library would like to speak about services offered.

7:12: Meeting minutes put forth by Lin to be approved – November

1st: Suzanne

2nd: Travis

Meeting minutes approved by board

7:13: ABC hours update – Amie: Reminder to complete hours volunteered and entered on tracking grid.

  1. Suzanne posted link for hours tracked in Zoom chat.

7:18: Charter update – Ed: Spoke with Tai – sent final bylaws for review. Will get a template from HRNI to make sure all is good before it goest to lawyers.

  1. Lin – Can list Active Bethel Community on Meeting Minutes title going forward.

7:19: Business (Old/New):

7:20: Visioning ideas – Lin: Screen shared will be able to type in items. Zach will lead categories during meeting for ABC board to discuss topics to look at 2022 goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

8:15: Zach: Update on how ABC will help with increasing Capacity Building for Bethel – What should ABC be focusing on? Board discussed topics/ideas/goals for 2022.

8:27: General Meeting dates- Lin:

1/19, 4/20, 7/20 and 10/19

  1. Suzanne: Could we talk about emergency zones and development within those zones?

  2. Lin: Would like to hear from Parks and Recreation about development of parks. Next meeting topic designated zone ideas and library services.

8:32: Rebranding ideas update- Lin:

Many ideas discussed during re-branding meeting regarding ABC’s online presence.

-Google Calendar possibilities

  1. Donation button if ABC changes status

  2. Make website and other media platforms used by ABC easy to update

8:41 – Committee Reports:

  1. 8:41- Transportation committee – Zach – more updates next meeting

  2. Lin screen shared mission statement – project ideas. Approval of Transportation Committee put forth:

  3. 1st: Sarah

  4. 2nd: Suzanne

motion approved by board

  1. 8: 42 – Finance – Suzanne sent out financial report earlier to board for review.

  2. 8:42 – Beautification – Travis – nothing to report.

  3. 8:42 – Civic Engagement – Travis — Nothing to report.

  4. 8:42 – Pantry – Charlie – sent out report to board for review.

  5. 8:43 – Events– Lin – Nothing to report.

  6. 8:43 – Business Relations – Lin – Nothing to report.

  7. 8:43 – Recycling – (no chair at present) – Nothing to report.

  8. 8:44: Social Equity – Lin – Nothing to report.

– 8:46: – Motion to adjourn made by: Lin

Approved by board.

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