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August 2018 Meeting Minutes

Active Bethel Citizens – 08/15/2018 7pm – Official Minutes

Board Officers Present – Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Ethan Clevenger, Suzanne O’Shea, Amanda Hinkle absent Board Members –Lin Woodrich, Doug Barr, Simon Kemp, Bonnie Stone absent Other Members – Janice, Misty, Fred Thomsen, Nicholas,

Meeting called to order by Tai at 7:05pm

Introductions – Board Member Introductions, Guests

Minute Approval – Lin – Motion to approve the minutes – Amanda Second – All in favor.

Agenda Approval – Motion to approve the agenda – Amanda Second – Doug. All in favor.

Public Comment –

Nicholas – FYI workshop for HRNI – Neighborhoods 101 – Thursday, September 20th – RSVP through City of Eugene, 5:30 – 8:30. Ethan – ABC Members should attend.

Misty – Beyond Toxics

Canvasing collaboration to happen late September and in October. Would like to know if they can access our contacts through Newsletter, etc. Misty would like to know when the deadline is to submit information to ABC for exposure. Ethan addressed, Facebook, Website and Emailed Newsletter, the sooner the better. Ethan requested an email to him to be sent so that he can get the information out. Handouts available.

Old Business

SVDP Youth House – Ethan reiterated that SVDP Youth House has removed its request for the Bethel location.

Discussion – great idea, but possibly another location. A lot of support both for and against. Possible issues with notification. SVDP to search out another location.

New Business –

Review Committee Guidelines – Ethan read aloud to the group (see Google Docs for copy).

Discussion – Budget – all funds requested by committee(s) need to be proposed and approved by the ABC Board. Fundraising would be a great idea.

Motion to approve committee guidelines – Amanda Second – Simon All in Favor

Committee Presentations –

Public Safety Team – Lin – Making the community a safe place to work and play.


Ethan: Chair be a board member? Can we open that up to the whole community? Tai – We may or may not retain the energy, we will have more people who want to be actively involved. This could allow others the option to do something without being a sitting member.

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Lin as the Chair – Bonnie – Second Simon. All in favor.

Beautification – Doug

park on highway 99. Doug has already had meetings. Two ideas he would like to lump together. Oregon 21 Campaign. Bringing the World to Oregon. Track event. Bethel isn’t involved. Intersection art, parks, something right at beltline to attract the people coming from the airport. Would like track town and welcome to Eugene sign at the beltline. Barger – under the beltline – involve kids – paint, Royal area is the same.


Tai – This would be a standing committee and your ideas tonight are examples of what you would like to do, and you would continue to do so? Doug – yes.

Ethan – big goals are awesome, are you open to something along the lines of small events like park clean up, water clean up? Doug – yes.

Simon – has heard from multiple people in the Bethel area that would like to be involved.

Bonnie – would like to see garbage cleaned up.

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Doug as the Chair – Simon – Second Bonnie. All in favor.

Business Relations Committee – Ethan

Businesses can more readily contribute to ABC than individual. Strong businesses equal strong jobs. More money in the neighborhood. Short term goals – business directory, bike lock kick back program, Long term – local employment initiatives, hire local, job portal in our website, business directory paid listing


Lin – could you bring in job shadow or apprentice type idea for the homeless in our area? Ethan – willing to hear all kinds of ideas at the public meeting.

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Ethan as the Chair – Lin – Second Doug All in favor.

Civic Engagement Committee – Tai

Strengthen the voice of the Bethel neighborhood. Hold meetings, organize events, take action – recruiting, encouraging residents for public testimony, facilitate forums during elections, assist outside organizations within Bethel neighborhoods. Membership – in detail.


Suzanne – will you represent specific candidates, ideas, etc.? Tai – opening the floor for communication on all sides of issue or idea, etc.

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Tai as the Chair – Amanda – Second Lin All in favor.

Events Committee – Lin

No discussion.

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Lin as the Chair – Doug– Second Simon. All in favor.

Finance Committee – Suzanne O’Shea

Mondays at 5:30 at Abby’s pizza. Looking into City Financing options to support ABC. Will advise committee’s on budget.


Budget should be available to the public. Next month we should try to present the budget to the board.

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Suzanne as the Chair – Simon – Second Amanda. All in favor.

Bylaws Committee – Janice

Need is to comply with current bylaws. Review charter and bylaws and make sure that all are consistent for best practices.


Tai will ask for a motion to amend the bylaws to set the elections for the second quarter of the year. Appearance might look better to discuss at general meeting.

Doug – should we keep the September date?

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Janice as the Chair – Doug – Second Suzanne. All in favor.

Communications – Ethan

Organized membership is a result of strong communication. Produce and deliver general meeting announcements, Facebook and website, meeting minutes blog, Long term- producing a newsletter, 500 email subscribers,


Doug: can we have shirts?

Simon – at the listening session, people mentioned that they had a hard time getting the emails from ABC

Bonnie – are you working with Petersen Barn?

Motion to accept the committee and appoint Doug as the Chair –Amanda – Second Ethan. All in favor.

More New Business

Lin motioned to make Janice a member at large. Second – Simon. All in favor.

Committee Member Google doc available.

General Meeting

Date for general meeting

Saturday September 15 (home duck game), Tuesday September 18, Thursday September 20 (Neighborhood 101)

Doug – postcard timing, we can make it happen?

Tuesday, September 18 looks like the best time 6-8pm.

Motion for Approval for General Meeting on Tuesday, September 18 from 6pm-8pm – Simon Doug – Second Lin to check with PeteBarn All in favor.

Lin – should we have a meeting right after the board meeting to skip Wednesday? Tai – will revisit via email. Further discussion on general meeting times verse having our September monthly meeting. Janice – confirmation vote could be an option? Suggested to speak with Rene – possibly vote to add the one remaining slot.

Motion deferred to email – Janice Second – Doug Discussion moved to email. All in favor.

Meeting Adjourned 8:35pm. – Motion bonnie – second simon.

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