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Bethel Evacuation Zones – Know Your Zone!

Bethel is broken into 5 zones – 9, 10, 11, 15 & 16. It is important to know your zone for emergency evacuation orders. To help with remembering your zone, ABC is choosing one park in each zone “Zone Parks” to start having neighborhood activities and work parties. Zone 9 = State Street Park (a group called Dirt Maidens is working on adopting this park) Zone 10 = Bethel Community Park Zone 11 = Grasshopper Meadows Park Zone 15 = Petersen Barn Park Zone 16 = Gilbert Park (has been adopted by Friends of Gilbert Park) If you live in the zone and would like to adopt your park or join in your neighborhood group, please email ABC at and we will get you the information and help you with activities and work parties.

If you don’t know your zone, click on this link and enter your address:

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