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General Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2019

Board members in attendance: Janice Kerber, Suzanne O’Shea, Pennie Moblo, Bonnie Stone and Lin Woodrich

Refreshments provided by Abby’s Pizza, Pappy’s Pizza, Putters Pizza, Thai Time Kitchen and Fred Thomsen


Chris Henry (and Lee Shoemaker)

City of Eugene Traffic Department

Update on traffic calming efforts on Avalon Street

  1. Traffic cushions to be installed on Avalon are in response to an accident in the area and resident concerns.

  2. There was a discussion of the proposed traffic calming efforts and residents expressed a desire for more input.

  3. The Active Transportation Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 5:30 in the Sloat Room of the Atrium Building.

Emergency Preparedness Panel

Steve Robinson

President of Cascadia Prepared

  1. Cascadia Subduction Zone is overdue for a major earthquake. It is expected to last 4-5 minutes with many aftershocks.

  2. Cascadia Prepared’s focus is on supporting lifelines: transportation needs (road system including bridges, airport runways), water and wastewater, electrical grid, communications, critical services, liquid fuel, health care facilities, building infrastructure.

  3. Governor Brown’s goal is to have 250,000 of homes in subduction zone (20% of the population) prepared for 2 weeks, as well as plans for transportation resiliency (airport runways and roads). However, these proposals are inadequate and are not proposed to be ready until 2025.

  4. For more information, see website:

Keith Blevins

Eugene/Springfield Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

  1. Building an Emergency Preparedness Kit for our homes.

  2. Checklist includes water (1 gallon/person/day) for 2 weeks, food (canned is best), medication (check with your doctor to see if you can get a couple of extra weeks’ worth for an emergency kit), an ACCESSIBLE “go” bag (backpack or carry-on suitcase with change of clothes, high density food and medication), pet needs, first aid (purchase a prepared kit) and instruction book, camp stove and fuel, flashlight, battery radio (Kato Voyager) and keep supplies in a couple of different locations.

  3. Community Emergency Response Trainings are available periodically.

Deb Jones

Friendly Area Neighbors emergency prep team

  1. Presented the Map Your Neighborhood program.

  2. A DIY program for 15-25 households to share contact information; medical, construction and other skills; resources, etc.

  3. They have mapped their area and divided it into sections with specific goals for forming a certain number of groups in each section.

  4. They found that lots of people were willing to help; the key is finding the one person who will get something started.

Matt Albertson

HAM radio operator

  1. Everyone should have several 2 way radios.

  2. He explained the many types and recommended FRS radio (get and learn how to use).

  3. NOAH weather radio, KEC42, 162,400 megahertz (no transmission but can receive updates).

  4. HAM radio operators must pass a quiz. He recommended

  5. There was a lot interest in this topic. For more information, contact the Valley Radio Club.

Public Comments

Kindness Campaign/Choose Kindness (Deb Jones)

  1. Requested that ABC endorse their efforts to have Mayor Vinis designate Eugene a City of Kindness.

  2. Motion by Janice Kerber, seconded by Lin Woodrich: To ask the ABC Board to write a letter asking Mayor Vinis to designate Eugene a City of Kindness. Motion passed.

  3. For more information, see Their goal is to document 1M acts of kindness.

  4. “Kindness” yard signs were available to pick-up.

Huerto de la Familia announcement (Lin Woodrich)

  1. At our March meeting, the Active Bethel Citizens Board approved the Huerto de la Familia Matching Grant Application for $5000 to purchase garden equipment and build an 8 ft x 12 ft shed to store the equipment for the Bethel Community Garden. The required “match” is being fulfilled by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum for a mural on the back of the shed, with the match from Kalapuya High School for labor putting the shed together.

Committee Reports

Finance (Suzanne O’Shea Chair)

  1. Treasurer’s Report distributed. The city provides funds for mailings, but the board is funding other expenditures.

  2. The Business Directory is a way to support ABC. Businesses can list for free, but there are higher levels at a small fee.

Events (Lin Woodrich Chair)

  1. We Are Bethel celebration will be Saturday, June 1, 12:00-4:00 at Peterson Barn.

  2. There will be school performances, community booths, races and carnival games, a clothing swap and food trucks.

  3. Volunteers are needed. Contact Lin.

Public Safety (Lin Woodrich Chair)

  1. If interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch contact Lin.

Business Relations (Ethan Clevenger Chair, presented by Lin Woodrich)

  1. This committee could really use another chairperson with some time to commit.

  2. Conceptually, we have sponsorship tiers, and need someone to champion the process of pitching that to local businesses and developing those relationships. Someone with a background in fundraising perhaps?

Communications (Ethan Clevenger Chair, presented by Lin Woodrich)

  1. Two newsletters have hit mailboxes!

  2. We’d love to bring on anyone interested in social media management, writing content for and sending email newsletters, contributing to the physical newsletter, etc. Social media contributions can be as simple as reposting Bethel events, or posting pictures from the Bethel community as things get warm out. Promotion of Bethel as an awesome place to live.

Civic Engagement (Tai Pruce-Zimmerman Chair, presented by Lin Woodrich)

  1. Tai has been attending community meetings.

Bylaws (Janice Kerber Chair)

  1. No report.

Beautification (Douglas Barr Chair, presented by Lin Woodrich)

  1. Working on ways to welcome visitors to Eugene/Bethel for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field.

ABC Pantry (Douglas Barr Chair, presented by Lin Woodrich)

  1. ABC Food Pantry is facilitating food pantries at Willamette High School in conjunction with 15th Night and Food For Lane County.

  2. Students will run the pantry.

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