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July 2018 Meeting Minutes

Active Bethel Citizens – 07/18/2018 7pm – Official Minutes

Board Officers Present – Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Ethan Clevenger, Suzanne O’Shea absent – Amanda Hinkle Board Members – Pennie Moblo, Lin Woodrich, Doug Barr, Simon Kemp absent – Bonnie Stone, Roxanne Wilson, Alberta Cook Other Members – Thomas, Ana Malina, Gene, Janice, Deb, Fred Thomsen

Meeting called to order by Tai at 7:01pm

Introductions – None

Minutes Approved – All in favor.

Public Comment – None

Presentation from Beyond Toxics

Beyond Toxics – Brownfields Presentation on Abandoned or Potentially Contaminated Properties

Discussion: Tom and Ana discussed a project to assess the prevalence of the abandoned houses and what to do with them. Beautify? Draw investment? Looking for a letter from ABC to build support. Further Q&A – Detail on ‘market forces’ verse community driven development of sites; specific sites; business involvement

Motion by Pennie: to Draft Letter Second – Doug All in favor.

Moving On –

Motion by Doug: To put Lin in charge of events committee and general meeting. Second – Pennie

St. Vincent de Paul – ABC Representation at listening meetings. Sign ups via email.

Neighborhood Watch Events

Finance Committee – Suzanne to run.

Motion by Lin – Suzanne to chair Finance Committee.

Second – Simon

All in favor.

Meeting Adjourned – 8:26 p.m.

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