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May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Date: 05/23/2018, 7pm Board Officers Present: Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Ethan Clevenger, Amanda Hinkle Absent: Suzanne O’Shea Board Members: Penny Moblo, Bonnie Stone, Lin Woodrich, Doug Barr, Roxanne Wilson, Alberta Cook Absent: Simon Kemp Other Members: Nick, Lillie, Sue

Meeting called to order by Tai at 7:06pm

Introductions – Tai, Doug, Ethan, Lillie, Sue, Lin, Nick, Bonnie, Penny, Amanda, Roxanne, Alberta

Public Comment – None

ABC Committee’s – How do we want to create / work, and how do we want to be most productive?

Discussion: Roxanne shared that the she is a disability advisory council member and they have multiple different committees that all answer to one central committee. These committees propose their projects to the official board and the board approves. Tai discussed the concept of committees (proposal, mission statement, chair, expectations, minutes, board approval). More discussion on whether ABC has a list of committee’s to start with or focus on; community involvement; funding; requirements of committee members. More discussion was had revolving around specific committee’s such as, Public Safety, Underserved Populations.

Board Approval of the following Committee’s and Committee Chairs –

  1. Public Safety – Lin

  2. Underserved Populations – Roxanne

  3. Beautification Committee – Doug

Further discussion tabled until June Meeting.

Presentation – Roxanne – Underserved Populations Committee –

The 5th Corner is the non profit that Roxanne is president of – she is trying to bring all the different organizations together that are trying to support her general idea – long list of programs that have different things with evidence based success, her idea is to limit the gaps and make a comprehensive program that takes into effect all the different successful evidence based organizations. She is wanting to pick and choose some things from each program and create a comprehensive program that will serve all students. Roxanne defined ‘underserved populations’ as – youth, seniors, minorities, rural, language barriers, – any population that is not getting the access to the health care or basic needs and voices are not being heard.

Discussion: ABC members discussed youth and suicide as well as suicide as a whole; peer cruelty; advantages of working with ABC; ABC member involvement; funds available; access to communications network; advocacy.

ABC board requested an official proposal including mission statement, proposed chair, general description of wants and desires from ABC. Further discussion moved to email.

General Meeting Date – We need to plan a date for our general meetings to take place.

Discussion: Tai proposed we think of a timeline of when our general meetings would take place. Ethan suggested quarterly. Amanda suggested we have a few meetings under our belt before a general meeting. August / September timeframe suggested. Speakers for general meetings were discussed – public safety officials, school board chair Dawnja Johnson, Julie Fahey, Greg, Paul Nevel with SVdP, local business owners.

Further discussion tabled until June Meeting.

Family Fun Night – Petersen Barn and ABC involvement

Discussion: ABC to have a table and introduce themselves to the neighborhood as ACTIVE Bethel Citizens. Discussed the option of a flyer, however too costly for ABC and not enough time. Volunteers will be needed as well as maps and other visuals.

Further discussion moved to email.

Communication – How will ABC communicate with each other and the neighborhood?

Discussion: Ethan requested to get a newsletter up and running, as well as continue on Facebook. Board in favor of Ethan continuing to work on communications.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm by Tai.

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