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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


September 21st, 2022 7-8:30pm (PST) 

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Sarah Warren, Charlie Sterling, Zach Mulholland, Jeremy AAsum, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Suzanne O’Shea, Amie Anderson-Forbis

Absent: Diane Behling, Ethan Clevenger

Guest: John Q. Murray

7:01: Call to order by: Tai

7:01: Approval of agenda: Lin

7:02: Public comments – Lin mentioned email from Rachel regarding Safe Routes for Schools –

anyone interested in the project please reach out.

7:03: Tai – update for Social Equity work group – Drae Charles might be able to be on board

before elections. Social Equity has monthly meetings every 4th Tuesday at 5:30pm.

7:06: Meeting Minutes for: August

• 1st: Suzanne

• 2nd: Amie

Meetings approved by board

7:06: Hours update- Amie – Will put link in chat for board to use and record volunteer hours.

7:09: Name change update: Tai – Working to determine who to reach out to in order to move

name change for ABC forward.

7:12: Overlay Zone: Zach – Went over letter about how a health overlay zone would positively

impact. Health overlay zone would help within Bethel to reduce adverse health occurrences.

Put forth motion for ABC board to endorse

• 1st: Sarah

• 2nd: Amie

Board approves letter

7:15: Guest speaker John Murray – Time bank presentation- shared screen. Live demo to see

how to credit volunteer hours. Walked through steps to contribute. Website provided for hour

7:20: Opened up for questions

– Tai – Can any voluntary hours be added?

– John – Yes! Good tool to track volunteer hours.

– Jeremey – If participating what all data is recorded?

– John – Up to you what you want information you wish to share.

7:42: Developing goals for developing Bethel area. Thinking about what is wanted for area to

present to council.

7:47: Lin – Polls have been sent out to gather data from residents at past events.

7:53: Committee Reports:

– 7:53: Finance – Suzanne sent out email with details to the board.

– 7:54: Pantry – Charlie – One barrel removed from Dari Mart off Royal. Looking for some

better locations for donations.

– 8:05: Civic Engagement / Events – Lin – Ice cream social was a success. Few more events


1. Boo Barn Coming up for Halloween

2. Possible “We are Bethel” on 6/10

Good meetings so far and looking forward to up coming events.

– 8:10: Emergency Preparedness– Lin – Tabled for next meeting

– 8:12: Beautification – Sarah – Upstream project moving forward and should be completed

by end of September.

– 8:15: Communication: Lin – October newsletter getting ready to be sent out.

– 8:23: Transportation – Zach – Transportation director Rob – would like to invite him as a

guest speaker for a future meeting.

– 8:24: Recycling: 10/15 will be next recycling event – details to be included in newsletter.

– 8:24: Social Equity: Lin – Drae Charles will lead meetings – to be held monthly on the 4th

Tuesday at 5:30.

– 8:26 – Motion to adjourn made by: Lin

Approved by board.

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