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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


February 15th, 2023 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Sarah Warren, Zach Mulholland, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Suzanne O’Shea, Jose Cuauxinque, Amie Anderson-Forbis, Jeremy AAsum, Robin Bloomgarden

Absent: Diane Behling, Lisa Moore

Guest: Charlie Sterling, Lucy Scholz (Dirt Maidens), Tresa Hackford

7:08: Meeting called to order – Lin

7:08: Lin shared screen with agenda for meeting

Agenda accepted by board

7:08: January Meeting Minutes motion to approve – Lin

  1. 1st: Suzanne

  2. 2nd: Robin

Board approved minutes

7:09: Hours update – Amie shared screen – spoke about hours logged. Shared screen and put link in chat.

7:10: Lucy Scholz (Dirt Maidens) – Spoke about the proposal for non profit Dirt Maidens group to adopt State Street Park and move forward to help improve the existing pump track for dirt bike riders (BMX area). Went over goals of the Dirt Maidens group and their investment within the Bethel Area. 300+ members currently on Facebook. Group is active in/around the Willamette Valley. They are an inclusive, intersectional, powerhouse biking and trail stewardship organization led by and for FTWN-B (FWTN-B means femme, women, trans, and non-binary) that provides mountain biking, gravel biking, bike packing, and trail building opportunities in Kalapuya ilihi (Kalapuya ilihi means the homelands of the Kalapuya people) and surrounding areas (the southern Willamette Valley). State Street Park has been identified as a location with an existing pump track that is in need of updates to better serve community.

  1. Robin: Any possibility of the including native plants around track versus using turf?

  2. Lucy: Turf is less appealing to use and would use either natural lawn/plants.

  3. Lin: Has group looked into the adoption requirements for the park? Motion put forth to vote on supporting Dirt Maidens adoption of State Street park.

  4. 1st.: Suzanne

  5. 2nd: Sarah/Jeremy

Board approves motion.

– Robin: Once built, how is maintenance to be overseen?

  1. Lucy: As adoption group Dirt Maidens would be in charge of maintenance and clean up.

7:42: Web page update – Jeremy shared screen. Went over options for website platform options that can provide a stable and user friendly site and best suited for ABC use. Looking at hosting platforms and design. Went over the host sites proposed for Wix and SquareSpace. Motion put forth to use Wix platform by Robin

  1. 1st: Robin

  2. 2nd: Suzanne

Board approves looking into using Wix platform for ABC website.

8:20: University of Oregon (UofO) historic resource survey – Lin. Discussed with board survey proposal by UofO to review existing structures within the Bethel area. Spring report would look at areas that could be listed for historic preservation in Bethel.

8:23: Committee Reports:

  1. 8:23: Finance – Suzanne sent out email to board. Went over funds allocated. Lin proposed seeing if part of funds could be use to update five sandwich boards for use at events.

1.) Sarah

2.) Amie

Board approves use of funds for sandwich boards.

  1. 8:31: Events/Communications: Lin – We Are Bethel invitations sent out to local businesses. General meeting on 4/22 – Little Caesars pizza will be donating pizzas for event. General meeting would roughly be 1-2 for Food service and 2-4 for General meeting. Recycling event next planned will be 4/15. In need of volunteers for event – if interested in volunteering please reach out to Lin with ABC.

– 8:35: Public Safety: Lin – Looking at ways to help neighborhoods in Bethel develop safety/emergency preparedness, neighborhood watch, etc. If interested in setting up please reach out to Lin with ABC.

  1. 8:36: Beautification – Sarah – Meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm (PST). Update provided on proposed new public art project to find non traditional surfaces for mural work – focusing on city electrical boxes. Looking for locations to be included to help define scope of work to be curated.

  2. 8:50: Pantry: Lin discussed on behalf of Charlie about reduction in donations in existing barrels. Need more community members to donate food.

– 8:50: Transportation: Zach – Spoke about improvement plan by city – three traffic calming projects for Bethel requested. Waiting on funding

– 9:05: – Motion to adjourn made by: Lin

Approved by board.

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