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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


January 18th, 2023 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Sarah Warren, Zach Mulholland, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Suzanne O’Shea, Diane Behling, Lisa Moore, Jose Cuauxinque, Amie Anderson-Forbis, Jeremy AAsume

Absent: City Councilor Evans (Ward 6), City Councilor Leech (Ward 7)

Guest: Tomas Monter, Leon Waller, Teresa Wolfe, Heather Sielicki, Lisa Arkin (Beyond Toxics), Senator James Manning, Jr., State Representative Julie Fahey, City Councilor Randy Groves (Ward 8), Ansley Duehra, Andrew, JJ, Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault (Beyond Toxics), Meet Panchal (Beyond Toxics), Mason Leavitt, Tern Yazadani, Miles Rowe Pendleton, Sue, James Koch, John Prince, Alli, Andrea

7:03: Meeting called to order – Lin/Tai – Put forth approval of meeting agenda.

Agenda accepted by board.

7:05: November/December Meeting Minutes motion to approve

Board approved minutes.

7:05: Steps to access Meeting interpreter (Spanish) and meeting etiquette presented to attendees: Lin/Tomas.

7:07: Public Comments: Heather Sielicki and Alli discussed up coming public meetings regarding the Golden Garden projects planned within Bethel. Alli Shared screen about Golden Gardens project for meeting attendees. City is working on a concept plan for developing this area. Will have three meetings for public input and conducting three surveys for people to voice thoughts/opinions. Website put into chat for attendees.

7:12: Beyond Toxics presentation on NW Natural “Green Hydrogen” project in Bethel – Lisa Arkin, Zach Mulholland, Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault, Meet Panchal, Teryn Yazadani. Discussed project that had been proposed to blend 5-10% hydrogen volume into gas within Bethel area – to include building a electrolyzer to produce hydrogen. Blended hydrogen is still 90% fracked gas. Beyond Toxics has partnered with many groups opposing this project as it would negatively impact Bethel.

  1. Arjorie: Public health overlay zone – 95% of all air toxics concentrated in the 97402 area code for Eugene. Same area also has the lowest life expectancy in comparison – 70.2 years for Bethel vs. 87.9 years in areas such as South University area. Additionally the 97402 zip code is BIPOC and low income with less options for residents to move if needed.

  2. Lisa: Public health overlay zone would prohibit toxic manufacturing, increase standards for noise, odor and vibration considerations for the area. Would apply to current and future residential areas being developed.

  3. Mason Leavitt and Meet Panchal: Discussed gas station moratorium for Bethel – prohibit new gas stations as currently plenty are in place to allow almost all residents to reach one within 5 minutes. Additional concern with gas stations are the high level of Benzene fumes and negative health effects associated – fumes have been found to extend up to 524’ from gas stations themselves furthering possible exposure to the public. Instead of gas stations replace with EV charging stations – expand that infrastructure to ideally incorporate fast charging stations (15-30 minutes) along highway 99 corridor. Went over community recommendations.

7:50: Bethel area survey results – Jeremy shared screen.

  1. 752 results gathered from 2022 surveys from park events held

Went over survey results looking at the strengths, weaknesses, threats, worst and best and items wanted for area relating to Bethel.

7:58: Senator James Manning Jr. spoke at meeting going over projects/initiatives moving forward. Looking at ways in which to expand equity for everyone and universal healthcare.

  1. Tai: What types of steps are in the works for moving healthcare forward?

  2. Senator Manning: Looking at how to put forth more comprehensive coverage, cost equity for Oregon Healthcare.

8:03: State Representative Julie Fahey: Spoke about 2023 sessions and goals for Oregon legislature. Top issues of concern are:

  1. Homelessness

  2. Affordable housing

  3. Crime

  4. Increasing provider infrastructure for mental health

  5. Climate concerns

  6. Schools

  7. Fair Economies

  8. Andrea: Any word on Psilocybin therapy in Oregon?

  9. Representative Fahey: Would need to double check but believes as of 1/1/2023

  10. Zach: Funding towards homelessness and residency?

  11. Representative Fahey: Working to pass and put forth bills to address climate change including energy efficiency for homes/buildings. Homelessness funding provided for shelters, sleep sites, private turn key for a new examples.

8:11: City Councilor (Ward 8) Randy Groves spoke about challenges for 2023. Eugene has a very high population of unhoused. Continuing to focus on ways to address homelessness, affordable housing and crime concerns. City did look at addition of EV charging stations for Bethel area.

  1. Lin: Could more details be provided regarding Bethel planning?

  2. Councilor Groves: Looking for areas in Bethel to have new planning plan and moving it forward.

  3. Suzanne: Gas station letter about zone changes – zone changes not transparent in order for public to understand impacts when altered.

  4. Councilor Groves: Will be working with City to review process when zone changes are requested.

  5. Diane: Can anything be done to stop gas station being built at Barger/Irvine and instead have EV charging area put in place?

  6. Councilor Groves: Understands that the application for the gas station has been approved by the City and few options, if any, to alter that course.

  7. Robin: Land use of zoning to make working more clear as to what it can be used for an option?

  8. Councilor Groves: Certain level of consistency is needed for zoning descriptions but can be further reviewed by city officials.

*** Thank you to all guests who attended this meeting and for taking the time to listen to Bethel residents ***

8:23: Committee Reports:

  1. 8:23: Finance – Suzanne sent out email to board. Went over finances.

  2. Lin put forth motion for ABC board to consider sending out mention of Food for Lane County drive in postcard:

  3. 1st: Suzanne

  4. 2nd: Jeremy/Robin

Board approves motion

  1. 8:27: Events/Communications: Lin – Shared screen with attendees- went over up coming events. Additionally number of groups wanting to give presentations for Bethel community. Put forth motion to vote on including these group presentations:

  2. 1st: Diane

  3. 2nd: Robin

Board approves motion

  1. 8:36: Civic Engagement/Business Relations: Lin – Meetings to be 1st Wednesday at 6:30pm(PST).

Zach – drafted and presented letter regarding opposition to new and reduction request for gas stations in the Bethel area. Letter was also sent to ABC board. Lin shared screen to show letter. Motion to put forth sending letter to City Government:

  1. 1st: Robin

  2. 2nd: Suzanne

  3. 8:50: Public Safety: Lin – Ready NW Eugene and Santa Clara – Encourage folks to look at facebook page for further details about dams in Lane County.

  4. 8:49: Beautification – Sarah – Meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm(PST). Looking at ways to move forward with mural ideas, putting together a Yellow Ribbon food harvest within Bethel neighborhoods who have street side fruit/nut trees and or shrubs to help reduce food waste. Also planning to construct fence around herb garden at Petersen Barn and will need volunteer support to assist with construction.

  5. 8:52: Social Equity: Tai – Meetings to be every 4th Tuesday at 6:30pm(PST).

  6. 8:50: Pantry: Charlie – No updates

– 8:50: Transportation: Zach – no updates

– 8:53: – Motion to adjourn made by: Tai

Approved by board.

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