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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


December 22nd 2022 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Sarah Warren, Zach Mulholland, Jeremy AAsum, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Suzanne O’Shea,, Diane Behling, Lisa Moore

Absent:, Amie Anderson-Forbis, Jose Cuauxinque

Guest: Luis Mendoza (DevNW), Zelene Flores, Lisa Atkin

7:02: Call to order – Tai

7:02: Public Comments: No public comments made

7:03: November meeting minutes tabled for approval in January

7:03: Hours update: Tabled for 2023

7:04: ABC name change update – Tai. In holding pattern for City of Eugene to approve.

7:04: Luis Mendoza and Selena Flores with DevNW presentation. Spoke about Development NW and provided slide show about new development on Nelson street across from Prairie Mountain off of Royal. Using a land trust model being used to help make homes affordable within development. Under land trust format the land itself is leased with contracts lasting 99 years with option to renew for an additional 99 years. Similar to a traditional mortgage payments made monthly. Buyers only purchase the housing structure on plots and if selling, must be sold to an income qualified buyer. Area will have CCRs but no HOAs.

Home buyers have requirements:

1.) Must qualify for mortgage

2.) Take 8 hour course for home buying educational purposes

3.) Home buying consultation – one on one meeting

4.) Must be around 80% area median income – based on county statistics and house hold size.

There are planned three housing types that will be constructed during three housing phases.

Phase 1: Estimated completion around fall of 2023.

Neighborhood plan structure will consist of:

  1. 3 Bedroom homes – 19 units – 1,200 Sq. feet in size – around $250,000 price

  2. 2 Bedroom homes – 12 units- 780 Sq. feet in size – around $225,000 price

  3. 2 Bedroom townhomes – 9 units – 1,223 sq. feet in size – around $275,000 price

Total units forecasted to be built: 40. All two story homes with both driveway and carport.

  1. Diane – Can floor plans or site plans be provided?

  2. Luis – Will send out plans to ABC via email to Lin for sharing with public.

  3. Suzanne – How or who can attend the home buyers course?

  4. Luis – It is a $75 yearly fee for anyone to take the course.

If wanting additional information can reach out to Luis at

Additionally website is:

8:01: ABC Web page – Jeremy. Working to locate what platform to use. Will then provide option to board for approval before new website is set up. Motion put forth to provide new platform for ABC website:

  1. 1st: Sarah

  2. 2nd: Suzanne

Board approves moving forward with platform research

8:12: General meeting agenda of January shared by Lin with Board – went over proposed items.

8:19: Lisa Atkin – Beyond Toxics update. Discussed with board about updates and new gas station being built off of Irwin/Barger. Motion put forth for letter opposing new gas stations in Bethel over needed services:

  1. 1st: Zach

  2. 2nd: Robin

Civic engagement committee to move forward with letter.

8:32: Committee Reports:

  1. 8:32: Civic Engagement / Events – Lin sent out report to board.

  2. 8:33: Finance – Suzanne sent out email to board.

  3. 8:33: Social Equity: Tai provided update- next meeting on 4th Friday of February instead of January.

  4. 8:33: Beautification – Sarah – No updates

  5. 8:33: Pantry – No updates

  6. 8:34: Business planning – Lin/Diane – Meetings are 4th Wednesday set for January

  7. 8:34: Transportation – Zach – Transportation – A number of safety bi-pedal/bike paths were determined needing work – efforts being made to make sure these areas are included with the new transportation funding by City of Eugene.

– 8:36: – Motion to adjourn made by: Tai

Approved by board.

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