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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


July 20th 2022, 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Amie Anderson-Forbis , Sarah Warren, Charlie Sterling, Zach Mulholland, Jeremy AAsum, Ethan Clevenger, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Suzanne O’Shea, Diane Behling

Absent: Ed Farren, Travis Johannes,

Guests: Councilor Syrett, Senator Manning, Commissioner Pat Farr, Jere Rosenmeyer, John Prince rep. Fahey, John Q., Legislative Director Kenzy Seifert, Mayor Vinis, Councilor Evans, Councilor Groves, LDD, McKenzie, Robin Bloomgarden, Tomas Daly, Tresa, Ashley Espinoza, Alex Tromba, Andrea DiPalma Yansane, Nancy Menning,Sheila Ramerman, Sue Craig, Lois Enman, Charlsey Cartwright, James Koch, Alison, Todd Payne, Lisa Arkin, Tomas Monter-Rangel, K. Cooks, Vjera Thompson

7:01: Welcome e-mail: Lin provided welcome to attendees. Amie to monitor chat window throughout meeting.

7:04: Call to order by: Tai

Agenda approved.

7:05: Meeting minutes from June put forth by Lin to be approved

1st: Tai

2nd: Jeremy

Meeting minutes approved by board

7:06: Senator Manning presentation – spoke about 770-Universal Healthcare task force. Goal to offer quality healthcare to all Oregonians. Use of Telehealth to help reach people from all over state. Additional goal to reduce cost, processing time. Expansion of healthcare – not to replace anyone’s current coverage.

  1. Councilor Groves: Mental health challenges – will more capacity be created at mental health hospital in Junction City- any progress?

  2. Senator Manning: Still in progress as research being done. Has met the Director and are continuing to look for solutions.

  3. Tomas: Dental included in healthcare expansion?

  4. Amie: Per earlier remarks- yes.

  5. Senator Manning: Currently working to create program including increasing workforce.

  6. Councilor Syrett: County project in works for a stabilization center to help community.

  7. Tresa: Will program(s) include work with healthcare students (including mental health) as part of workforce increase?

  8. Senator Manning: University of Oregon started program – mental health specialist- master degree for mental health work programs are underway to help meet this need.

7:22: Presentation by Pat Farr- County Commissioner- Behavioral Health Crisis at county level. Few options to meet high demand:

  1. Mental Health Specialist

  2. Hospital

  3. Jail-What is being done to meet needs of community?

Navigation center to be used for transferring walk-ins for homelessness. Center would have up to 72 beds- would act as a type of stabilization center. FIT team (Forensic Intensive Treatment team) is new team create to work with individuals who have one or more behavioral health disorders, have been booked into jail or those with a high rate of use of criminal justice resources, hospital or institutional placements. Wraparound community care that includes mental health and substance use treatment that actively engages individuals on a long-term basis. FIT team are peer support specialists to go into homeless sites to help disenfranchised population.

-Amie read meeting chat messages

– Robin: Accepting new medicare patients?

– Commissioner Farr: Always.

7:37: Mayer Vinis presentation – Work planned for Bethel. Bethel is Eugene’s industrial engine for city and what kind of industry is allowed within an overlay zone, how to ensure safe climate for residents. Neighborhood planning coming up.

-Amie read meeting chat messages

  1. Mayor Vinis – Investment for broadband expansion part of planning. Zoning authority and buffer zones being reviewed to see how this zoning authority can be used to benefit community.

7:43: Councilor Evans presentation – Gave brief explanation of work history and top priorities for Bethel community:

  1. Plans to begin moving forward for Bethel planning.

  2. Persistent crime in area – seek to end issues.

  3. Health overlay zone reviews

  4. -Amie read meeting chat messages

-Diane: Bethel plan to be finalized – what is involved?

Councilor Evans: Need as many people as possible to show up to public meetings to stress importance of revitalizing Bethel. Need active community to help move forward.

  1. LDD: Speed limit high but no bike lanes to keep cyclists safe in Bethel. Can speed limit be lowered and bike lane to be put in place?

  2. Councilor Evans: Can advocate speed limit reductions to help save lives. Enforcement will need to monitor area.

  3. Zach: ABC has been working to improve bike areas.

  4. Councilor Evans: In favor of bike lanes/traffic calming is helpful but need to coordinate/partner with Eugene Police for monitoring sites.

8:00: Councilor Syrett presentation – Is union representative for Sacred Heart in addition to being a city councilor. Helping to create positive change for community:

  1. Increase urban forestry in Bethel

  2. Parks – Ridges to Rivers program to include Bethel

  3. Highway 99 – working on improvements for bus stops, bike infrastructure

  4. Expanding urban renewal for economic development

– Amie read meeting chat messages.

8:04: Councilor Groves: Presentation of work being done for Bethel. Proposal for ban on personally discharged fireworks underway for Bethel area. Will make it easier to determine what is illegal fireworks.

  1. Supportive of Bethel planning to move forward

  2. Supportive of efforts to increase street lighting to up safety and road improvements including bike lanes.

  3. Risk boards – insurance for businesses can be used for clean ups, etc.

  4. Amie read meeting chat messages

8:30: Raffle Drawing – Lin screen shared list read off winners for raffle prizes. Congratulations to all! Lin will give call to all winners in order to set up time to pick up prizes won.

8:33: Committee Reports:

  1. 8:33 – Finance – Suzanne sent out financial report earlier to board for review.

  2. 8:34 – Events– Lin – 170 surveys returned! Work parties being set up in the fall.

  3. 8:35 – Civic Engagement – Important people speak at public forums.

– 8:35 – Communications – Newsletter to go out

  1. 8:36 – Beautification – Sarah – Golden Gardens tour – review of natural habitat in place, goals to protect Northwestern turtles. Working to set up work party at Petersen Barn for fence around herb garden. Upstream mural project moving forward. Meetings are every 2nd Thursday each month at 6pm via Zoom.

  2. 8:37: Transportation: Zach – Letter back from the city of Eugene – Transportation department to speak with community about priorities wanting to be included.

– 8:45 – Motion to adjourn made by: Tai

Approved by board.

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