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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


March 16th, 2022, 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Amie Anderson-Forbis , Sarah Warren, Charlie Sterling, Zach Mulholland, Jeremy AAsum, Ethan Clevenger, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman

Absent: Travis Johannes, Suzanne O’Shea and Ed Farren

Guest: Tresa Hackford

7:03: Meeting called to order by Lin.

7:03: Public Comment: No public comments.

7:06: Meeting minutes put forth by Sarah to be approved – February

1st: Amie

2nd: Charlie

Meeting minutes approved by Board

7:06: Hours update – Amie shared screen showing the summary sheet by board member grouping. Please reach out to Amie if wanting to go over volunteer hours over phone.

7:09: New Business – Lin

Approval of tree matching grant – helping reimburse Friends of Trees for all the work and Bethel volunteer with Truck for watering trees for tree recipients project.

– 3/26 – Mangan Park tree planting – 9-12

– 4/10: Highway 99 tree planting – 9-12

*** Sign up for events on last newsletter

7:16: Airport letter – Zach. Airport noise a concern for some residents – Letter to address issues and for requesting limiting large flights over area during certain times of the day/night.

Additionally Train noise- City is planning to put in train signaling upgrades to reduce horn blaring.

7:22: Bethel Visioning update – Lin shared screen so Board could see spreadsheet to go over tier one goals. Different goals set for each committee. Neighborhood plan – concerns about middle housing and its impact to residents. Need plan to move forward. Earlier conversation with Councilor Evans to Lin – might try reaching out to Paul Conte who has worked on neighborhood refinement rather than a “Plan” for development ideas.

Zach working with city staff (regarding capacity building) to put in place a survey – to be done in person. Trying to get around 1,000 responses from Bethel community as to what people would like and get people involved with committees to increase volunteer numbers.

– Lin – Need to put a survey in place – looked at River Road’s survey example.

– Setting up committee to do survey. Lin will send out Zoom invite to Board for those who wish to be involved.

– Jeremy – Survey’s to be in person?

– Lin – Correct – surveys to be in person but also online.

-Lin – 6-8 councilors are leaning towards moving Bethel forward in planning.

7:42: Old Business

Charter update- Lin – Bylaws do not have to match charter – not a conflict. Screen shared charter so Board could go over updates for charter.

8:12 – Committee Reports:

– 8:13 – Finance – Suzanne(absent) – Lin – no report sent out to discuss by Board- tabled for next meeting.

  1. 8:14 – Events– Lin – Zone park events planned:

  2. 5/28: Petersen Barn

  3. 6/4: State Street Park

  4. 6/18: Bethel Community Park

  5. 7/2: Grasshopper Meadows Park

  6. 7/23: Gilbert Park

Additionally, on 4/23 ABC will have booth at Petersen Barn Registration Celebration (9am-1pm) survey work. Will work to have survey ready.

– 8:16 – Public Safety – Ed (absent)- no report to provide – tabled for next meeting. Lin – Ready NW Eugene next meeting LRAPA discussions about air quality and fire prevention for April/May.

  1. 8:16 – Beautification – Travis (absent). Charlie provided updates on working with Arts Council to get locations for murals within Bethel – Looking for 5-10 possibilities.

  2. Zach – also looking at Golden Gardens ponds and ways to embed turtle protections within site development plans.

  3. 8:29: Transportation – Zach – Looking for ways to increase bike paths.

  4. 8:30 – Business – Zach – Looking at ways in which a map of vacant lots can be collated for zoning to determine space inventory within Bethel.

  5. Lin – met with group to go over walk-ability for Bethel area (Matt Tate of Downtown Strategies) signage.

– 8:35 – Motion to adjourn made by: Lin

Approved by board.

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