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Communication Committee


Chair contact

Lin Woodrich


To communicate via email, printed publications, and social media with Bethel residents. This includes ABC Facebook; ABC Discussion Group; and ABC website and related social media sites (Nextdoor, We Are Bethel Facebook and Bethel Neighborhood Watch Facebook pages); monthly email newsletters; and quarterly printed publications. We strive to include all the diverse backgrounds of our community and promote our partners (i.e.: Bethel Library, Petersen Barn, Beyond Toxics, Friends of Trees, etc.)


The committee asks for article submissions from Bethel residents and partners that can be shared in monthly meetings during the Beautification/Events Committee and take action to further its core goals, which include:

  • Monthly email      newsletters

  • Postings of      relevant information on social media sites

  • Quarterly      printed newsletters to announce the ABC General Meetings

  • Prepare signs      to add to the MEETING SOON/MEETING TODAY signs announcing the ABC General Meetings

  • Distribute      MEETING SOON/MEETING TODAY signs at pre-approved sites the week before and      day of ABC General Meetings

  • Other goals      that may be identified by the committee.


Any member of the Active Bethel Community (as defined by our charter) may become a member of the committee either by attending a meeting or by notifying the committee chair of their interest and providing contact information. Members shall retain that status unless a year elapses without their attendance at any meeting, or they explicitly resign their membership. All members of the committee shall be notified of meetings, and included in committee-related email correspondence, unless they specifically opt out.


The committee shall have a Chair appointed by the ABC Board who is responsible for scheduling meetings, communicating with members, and reporting to the Board. The Chair may appoint other officers (e.g. vice-chair or secretary) at their discretion.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held online monthly in combination with the Beautification/Events Committee. The link is In-person strategy meetings to focus on long-term goals and planning may be held quarterly and will be open to the general public. Reports will be submitted to the ABC Board.


The Chair will be responsible for submitting a report to the ABC Board at each monthly meeting. In order of preference, the report should be submitted in person by the Chair, in person by an alternate delegate from the committee, or in writing.


The committee shall be strictly nonpartisan, and as an entity of ABC may take no action that might jeopardize ABC’s 501(c)(4) nonprofit status. Individual members will not be restricted regarding political activity (partisan or otherwise) outside of their work with the committee, taken independently and on their own behalf. However, all work done by any individual or group under the purview of the committee must meet nonpartisan standards.

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