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A Family for Every Child

A Family For Every Child (AFFEC) is on a mission to secure stable and caring homes for every child in need. We are inviting kind-hearted individuals and families to join our Host Home Program.

Our program provides a safe and nurturing temporary shelter for marginalized youth in our community who are susceptible to risks, homeless, or grappling with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By partnering with over 190 community organizations, we offer a host of essential resources that can help mitigate the unique challenges faced by these vulnerable youngsters.

We are thrilled to expand our program and welcome more Host Homes to join us. Being a Host Home is a fulfilling experience that allows you to make a significant impact in the lives of these youths. Visit our website ( or contact us directly for more information ( - 541-972-2004). Let's join forces to put an end to youth homelessness in Lane County.

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