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ABC Building an Inclusive and Welcoming Community Part Three: “Conversations about Community Policin

ZOOM sign-in info:

OR Dial by phone: 253-215-8782

For PART THREE of our three-part series, “Conversations about Community Policing,” we will be joined by Councilman Greg Evans, Capt. Meisel of the Eugene Police Department and Mark Gissiner, the City of Eugene Police Auditor. Alex Reyna, the Founder of La-E-Kiss Radio also plans to join later in the meeting.

We aim to facilitate a conversation about how BIPOC residents in Eugene have experienced policing and what can be done to build trust between communities of color and law enforcement.

We will be recording this meeting, so if you don’t want your face shown in the recording, join without video. You can also use a name other than your own when you RENAME if you would rather be anonymous.

If you would like to send comments ahead of time to be read at the meeting, just email to Your name will not be mentioned.

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