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Active Bethel Citizens online General Meeting 4.25.2020

Thank you to all the Bethel residents, State Senator Manning, State Rep. Julie Fahey, Mayor Vinis, Lane Co. Commissioner Pat Farr and City Councilors Evans, Syrett and Pryor for attending our Active Bethel Citizens online ZOOM General Meeting tonight! We can all Build A Better Bethel together! 48 people attended our ZOOM meeting! Anyone can add ideas by emailing to Please refer to our ABC Facebook page for the video of the meeting:

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Active Bethel Community General Meeting Minutes

In-person Meeting at Petersen Barn February 24th, 2024, 3:30–5:30pm Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Sarah Warren, Robin Bloomgarden, Suzanne O’Shea, Ed Farren, Maya Lazaro, J


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