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Active Bethel Community Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Virtual Zoom Meeting January, 17th, 2024 7-8:30pm (PST)

Members in attendance: Lin Woodrich, Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Jeremy AAsum, Sarah Warren, Suzanne O’Shea, Jose Cuauxinque, Diane Behling, Ed Farren, Maya Lazaro, Jim Koch, Eric Dziura

Absent: Robin Bloomgarden


7:02:  Meeting called to order - Tai

Board approved meeting agenda


7:05:  No public comments


7:05:  Meeting minutes for December put forth for board approval by Lin

•1st: Ed

•2nd: Jeremy

Board approved December meeting minutes


7:05:  Board discussed general meeting details for February - Lin

Meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 24th - 3:30 - 5:30

Suzanne - To clarify, ABC will not be funding for refreshments for the meeting?

Lin - Correct.  City of Eugene will be providing refreshments and ABC will not need to purchase these items.

Diane - At event will We are Bethel be discussed as well during this up coming meeting?

Lin - Yes it will be included as part of the committee reports.

Eric  - Will the City of Eugene be providing a sound system?

Lin - Meeting will utilize use of a microphone and most likely a slide show.


7:15:  Discussion by ABC board about utilizing ENI (Eugene Neighbors, Inc.) to use for processing tax deductible donations to ABC.   Jeremey working to include a button on the ABC website.  Spoke about payment options - both 1st and 3rd party possibilities for when receiving donations.

Tai - Is there a membership fee to join each year?

Lin - No fee assessed if ABC signs up before March - If after March there would be a fee to subscribe to this service.

Motion put forth to join ENI - Tai

• 1st: Maya

• 2nd: Suzanne

Board approves membership to ENI


7:34:  Board discussed becoming a 501(c)3 in future - pros and cons reviewed.  Additional review of if to move forward with new status set for future meeting(s).


7:37:  New website maintenance costs spoken about - Lin/Jeremy

Currently have limited amount of emails that can be sent out by ABC each month under current website platform.  Board discussed expense for different platform communication tiers.  If moving forward to use next tier offered to accommodate a larger email population for E-newsletters, etc. there would be an additional monthly cost - $29 monthly.

-Tai - New e-mail marketing tier would be in addition to monthly costs being paid currently.

- Eric - Volunteered to pay for three months to allow ABC to try out the next tier.


Proposal put forth to accept gift of three months of 2nd tier regarding platform communications - Lin

• 1st: Maya

• 2nd: Sarah

Board approves use of gift for trial of 2nd tier


7:54:  Banking/Finance - Suzanne

Discussed changes to ABC board members listed on bank account, change to legal name and mailing address.  ABC to move forward to remove old board member Ethan Clevanger from account and have listed instead the following:

• Lin Woodrich - Co-Chair of ABC

• Tai Pruce-Zimmerman - Co-Chair of ABC

• ABC’s name changed from Active Bethel Citizens Neighborhood Association and became Active Bethel Community Neighborhood Association

• ABC address is now 4917 Cone Avenue, Eugene OR 97402

• Ethan Clevanger is to be removed as a signer on the account and Tai Pruce-Zimmerman and Eric Dziura are to be added as signers

Applicable board members will work with banking institution regarding account maintenance.


Proposal for approval of account changes made to board - Suzanne

• 1st:  Eric

• 2nd: Diane

ABC Board approved changes



8:03:   Committee Reports:


8:03:  Finance - Suzanne.  Sent out report via email to ABC board for review.


8:08:  Public Safety - Ed - spoke about safety routes for NW Eugene in an emergency.  Discussed topic of an evacuation shelter.


8:16:  Beautification - Sarah - Talked about mural ideas, community field trip to nursery and working to establish/expand pollinator corridors within Bethel neighborhoods


8:18:  Events - Lin. Sent out email with events to board for review.


8:19:  Pantry - Maya - gave update of holiday donation pick ups for pantry barrels - up to 183lbs of donated items delivered to Bethesda food pantry.  Next food donation event for Lane County set for March, 2nd - 10-2 at Albertsons.  If interested in being a volunteer for event please reach out to Maya.


8:31: Communications/Business Planning: Lin. Sent out email to board for review.


8:31: Civic Engagement - Tai.  Gave updates to meetings - discussed brainstorming ideas of We are Bethel.


8:32: Social Equity, Recycling, Transportation tabled for next meeting for updates.


8:33:  Meeting adjourned - Tai  

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